Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20181127

FYI. The following are minutes recorded by Gwenn Hauck for the 11/27/18 meeting.
Sorry they are (a little) late.
I did not record attendance.
Meeting commenced at 5:00
I. Emily Schmidt (an 8th grade student, President of her school) attended the meeting.
    We reminded her that her role is to advise the Community Center Advisory Board of things that her population might want or need in a "Community Center."  She is keen and alert and we are happy she has joined.
II. Thanks to Nancy Friedman for last months excellent minutes.
III. Grant: Deanna reported that the Community Development Block Grant fundings have been approved by the county, we just need a resolution by the council, which should be in December, then the Community Center Foundation can order the new tables for the Community Center.  The Village will pay up-front and the Foundation will then reimburse the village.
IV. Senior Bus: Age Friendly Ridgewood funded a third day for the senior. bus. Yesterday (Wednesday) only had 2 riders! This bus went to Ramsey Stop & Shop. Age Friendly reported that it is actually difficult to recruit for Wednesdays, while Thursdays are always full busses.
The historical side story was shared that the Ridgewood Senior bus is 10 years old now.
We really need a new bus. A new bus would cost about $70K and it seems as though there might be a chance that the Village would approve such a purchase next year.
The committee supported this idea. The senior bus is not only used for daytime events, but also for evening events such as the Elder Dinner, the Spring Fling, Kashau Shell Summer Concerts, and the Jamboree.
V. Community Center Priorities: 
• The Master Plan Visioning Process should include plenty of input from Community Center users.
• There should be a substitute senior bus driver.
• Village-owned sidewalks (not business-owned) sidewalks should be included in next year's budget
• Central Business District Tree Wells are unsafe for senior citizens and need repair.
VI. Recreation Aide's Report
• HVAC has on-going problems. There is often no heat in the community center.
• According to the signal department, the village is replacing the broken community center entrance doors next year with new doors with heat curtains.
VII. Discussions:
Haggerty's 2018 Tax preparation for the Foundation cost $900
The Taub Account has $.       in it and The Foundation's balance is currently $7500.00
The Village's New Website is VERY difficult for people looking up The Community Center or any of its programs or activities! There are as many as 5 steps to follow to find our page. It is a priority of our committee to increase our profile on the Village Website.
We discussed the future of community centers in a world where libraries are 
re-envisioning themselves as "civic" and "community" spaces with many duplicative programs. This is an important on-going discussion which must be addressed rather than avoided, since it could affect missions, budgets and fundraising.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:56 pm.
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