Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20181025

Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 10/25/2018

In Attendance: Don Liebreich, Tom Lillis, Beth Abbott, Deanna Schablik, Nancy Friedman, Sheila Brogan, Helen Leonard, Cathy Greve, Gwenn Hauck, Jeff Voigt, Marge Anderson
Don called the meeting to order.
BETH (Age Friendly):
•Age-Friendly has been awarded a 3-year grant from Taub in the amount of 75K
•Many of the sidewalks in the audit have been repaired
•Good Life Ridgewood booth was successful, reaching more people in our target age group
•Bill + Beth visited senior source at Riverside Square to learn about their ideas
1.The builder entered 501C3 senior center.
2.Activities sponsored by senior specific places (e.g., Van Dykes)
3.No charge, EVER
4.Biggest event was a belly dancer (and she's coming back)
If spaces open up in town (eg, loss of a store) we could be alerted - maybe vacancies could be lent to the Village for a period of time
SHEILA: Why duplicate space?
BETH: Summer use, when multiple programs are in community center, we could benefit from additional space.
DEANNA: Because the community center is in a flood zone, there are limitations.
•Provided snacks for access event
•Cooking for Health Barn foundation
•Presentation to the Village Council (10/24) where 3 benches were accepted as a donation
•Walktober walk sponsored with yoga and to Daily Treat
We need 4 new lights.
There is a resolution to work with the county to upgrade from light/traffic to pedestrian standpoint (eg., curb cuts)
As things evolve include Age Friendly
County hasn’t done anything. It’s 250K for each light. County will pay for 1 as of now We’d like the county to cover more
CAUTION: Jeff and Sheila spoke before Freeholders who took offense at the notion that they haven’t done anything much for us.
JEFF: encouraged others to write to Freeholders asking for help with this
•We want Age Friendly to be involved with the Master Plan visioning process. To that end, complete the questionnaire on
Age Friendly is trying to be facilitators - help with postcards and run groups to see who’s doing it. Using Survey Monkey with 13 questions, linked from Village website.
•Village Council authorized funding to rewrite Master Plan
•VC hired consulting firm to run it.
•Committee includes Melanie Whoobin (sp?) and others from Planning Board
•Survey is not just for residents of Ridgewood but business owners, visitors, etc..

•Village Council support required for Franklin Ave upgrades
•Sheila talking about Medicare Part D
•Host talks —
•11/1 Mental Health & First Aid through Health Department
•11/4 Sheila talking on Forgetfulness
•11/7 Dr. Bill Thomas new housing models and ageism (with Montclair + Valley)
•11/11 Thanksgiving Elder Dinner
DON: Is there an overall plan for how the Taub money will be used?
• Change budget. Ratchet down things that don’t take off and up others
• Toning down Maker Space (eg, outside funding, charging higher membership fee). Good reports on involvement
Janet reported that the grant was awarded. Tables available in January
Quote for tables:
(2) 6 foot tables can be flipped and moved
(10) flip top square tables Bigger ones are on wheels
Checking with Signal to see if they can be put on Castors.
•Dylan fixed the projector
•HVAC: heat in youth lounge. Unsure if it’s a fluke or if it’s been fixed. Currently being worked on.
[JEFF: Rich Colby putting in thermostat in January]
•Surveillance cameras in youth lounge. There are more residents coming in outside.
•Police Department put them in.
•If damage occurs, those causing it can be held accountable. [JEFF: have Heather keep Deanna in the loop re: cameras]
•If side door is opened, it doesn’t close all the way and then anyone can get into the community center.
•Overhead projector: aspect ratio is different from the previous one
•Kevin from Signal came and moved it and is coming back to change the outlet.
•Deanna purchasing another tabletop one. (using tax exempt form)
•Covering columns project: since metal, padding doesn’t stick that great. Going to discuss other options.
[GWENN: Rope covered poles?]
•Deanna waiting to hear back from guidance counselors at BF, GW for reps.
•Emily Schmidt (student body president at GW) will be at November meeting of CCAB. 11/2 Let’s Eat Cake!
7th/8th social
(12) girls signed up
Asking Carlos for sheet cake donation
2 Projects: Film Fest
ArtBeat Community Every year 2 mixers for high schoolers
A.Courtyard @ RHS 7:30-9 (Ridgewood musicians)
Fall Fusion: 110 people
Fundraiser + celebration of the arts
B.June @ Band shell + after party. There were 9 acts who went on Many would turn out for that Sophie Swanson in charge of that
Film Fest - no set day or time - a Saturday in June. Mr. Holland contact (limited availability on weekends)
LISA tax forms filed. Succeeded in waiver of sales tax for Foundation. Copies given to Deanna and Beth.

CATHY: Glad to hear about sidewalks: resident sidewalks are in terrible shape. Excessive acorns on crumbling sidewalks makes it very difficult to walk (especially on Maple). [JEFF: Go to Citizens Safety Advisory Committee]
Elder Dinner: 50 already signed up for a max of 85 participants.
NANCY: Discussion of Wheeler program on Nantucket.
Originally targeted at citizens 80 and older who reside at a local retirement home. Evolved into non or limited ambulatory residents and includes younger residents who are disabled (mentally or physically).
Staffed by volunteers who ride E-bikes. Program has 4-5 E-bikes plus 2 regular bikes for crossing guards.
Requires bus transport for residents and storage with power for bikes.
Could be run on the Saddle River Bike path and staffed intergenerationally. Nancy will reach out to the founder on Nantucket re: start up costs and liabilities. Tom Lillis interested in having the high school participate.

4th Thursday of the month (with some exceptions) at THE STABLE. DATES: 11/29. 1/24, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 5/23, 6/13