Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20180913

Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
5:00-6:00 Thursday, 9/13/2018

In Attendance: Don Liebreich, Janet Fricke, Deanna Schablik, Lou Lembo, Nancy Friedman, Sheila Brogan, Cathy Greve, Gwenn Hauck, Jeff Voigt, Tom Lillis, Marge Anderson, Lisa Garvey
•Money is expected from HUD in DC to pay for the tables for the community center, but hasn’t been released yet.
•Going to Bergen County tomorrow to Rob Esposito
•Done all they can and are just awaiting $8500 in grant money (no matching requirement)
•Tilt tops/moveable tables
•Local groups have already approved the use
•Grant is good for accessible needs (has included projects such as the 75K entrance to the barn at Habernickel)
JEFF: Can that grant money be used for curb cuts on Franklin Ave?
JANET: Only first time cuts, not for work to be redone. She’ll ask tomorrow as follow-up. JEFF: We need 4 lights on Franklin Ave. Have asked county leaders for follow-up since it’s a county road. And also would like help with crosswalks.
Developers will pay for 3/4 of a traffic light. County will pay for 1 traffic light.
•Almost the end of 2 of 3 years of the grant.
•Taub looking at continuing beyond year 3.
•Asked for 75K in year 3 (would be a total of 225K received over 3 years).
•Money has covered:
•21 seniors to use Graydon
•2 trips/month to Interstate Shopping Center with Senior bus. — Changing to every Wednesday now.
•Giveaway of cloth bags at the Farmer’s Market (2x this summer): emphasis to get away from
•Tuesday night transportation to the band shell for concerts (7-9 seniors participating)
•re: Village Council: met with Jeff Voigt in August and Mayor Hache set up to meet with Heather Mailander 1x/month (may change to 1/6 weeks if not needed as frequently).
•63 page report from NJ Futures on Downtown Ridgewood’s Age Friendliness: Hope to be a part of master plan visioning.
[JEFF: Is anything grantable? SHEILA: checking.]
•Website linked to the Village website under Residents Village Services.
•Sheila updated the website over the summer.
•Getting a lot of questions on waitlist for housing program.
•Sidewalk audit: Village engineer sent a letter to owners. Some have already begun replacement.
RE: AUDIT: Setting up re-walk to make sure of what has been done and what still needs to be done.
•Continued to fund Maker Space
•Purchased table for Wellness Fair (9/30 @ VanNeste)
•10/24 will present at Village Council eeting.
•Worked with library and scheduled talks:
•10/26 @10:30: Sheila on Medicare
•11/4: memory and dimensia
• 12/11 @6:30: Elder Law
•Reverse mortgages from 10/2 being rescheduled
•Participating in Elder Dinner (Giving Thanks) 11/11
•Neighbor-to-Neighbor: somewhat disappointing response: looking to faith communities for expansion.
•Slideshow on Age Friendly
GWENN: motioned for a thank you note to Taub. ‘Thanks for having the confidence that Ridgewood could be an Age Friendly community.”
Decided to wait until after 10/20-ish when 3rd year grants are announced.
SHEILA: Age Friendly is participating in Walktoberfest. 10/25 (am): Yoga Walk to Daily Treat with Race Faster. 55+
PHIL: May or June: Seniors photos of Suburbia will be exhibited at the Bergen County Community College, and then to the county center.
•How do seniors see the community?
•Talk on suburban architecture by the end of October.
LISA working on sales tax certificate. DEANNA going through Epson for projector. LISA submitted tax return at year end 6/30. cost: $60 (Anthony at accounting office) Financial statement for fiscal year ending 6/30.
DEANNA: poles need to be covered (12 in total) 3 quotes for padding + carpet.
Paid for by the community center operating budget due to safety and sound concerns (e.g.,
senior could fall into pole; a middle schooler could run into one at an event).
Projector coming after tax exempt form. cost: under $1K with the extra bulb.
This is essential to use when the other projector isn’t working and allows the community center to not rely on Dylan for assistance.
Projector screen for opposite wall to be ordered. Fire sprinkler measurements will determine placement.
Hopefully the village will fix the HVAC. It’s currently freezing in winter. Zachary Ehrlich from Health Department tested 60* in center of room. No airflow. No ventilation.
Ryan from Signal came and got air going, but could not open vents. Need separate zone for heating/cooling.
TOM: working with Deanna, Mr. Holland on film festival.
Tom (Art Beat) Schloss Center — reception at community center for students who participate potentially in Fall & Spring.
DEANNA: working with guidance counselors at middle schools for school representatives.
DON: asked Deanna to put together a list of people on the board for Heather Mailander.
REC NIGHTS: 9/21: 7-8:30 (6th grade)
10/2: 7-8:30 (7th & 8th grades)
Cake decorator contest (about 75 students, sign up through compass). Fly fishing + Teens on the Move fitness
Draft corporate resolution for next meeting.
4th Thursday of the month (with some exceptions) at THE STABLE. DATES: 10/25, 11/29. 1/24, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, 5/23, 6/13
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