Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20190228

Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 2.28.2019
In attendance: Don Liebreich, Sheila Brogan, Beth Abbott, Tom Lillis, Gwenn Hauck, Cathy Greve, Nancy Friedman, Helen Leonard, Lisa Garvey, Janet Fricke
Don Liebreich called the meeting to order.
Deanna purchased a projector at Best Buy (previously approved) Renewal of insurance came: directors and officers = $284
It makes sense to have this approved as an annual expense.
•Sheila moves that the committee make the suggestion to Mr. Calbi that the director of the Community Center be able to adjust the heat directly.
•New plans for approval. Board approval for funding for Judson Lecture Series includes James Del Guidice ($450/3 lectures).
•Vote on the plan Deanna outlined and submitted last month: Unanimous approval.
•Waiting for IT to put Community Center webpage back on line so Deanna can make changes and additions to programs and other info.
•The community center was added to the village website but exists as just a heading. In order to add to it, documents need to be .doc or .docx
•Sheila added that the safety committee sends minutes + agenda to someone at Village Hall (“Mishi”) and they are added.
•Janet suggested they would probably take minutes as far back as we can provide.
•Gwenn suggested adding recaps of events/purchases, preview upcoming events.
•Don: Dillon is who we need to get in touch with to add the agenda + minutes, and post on the calendar or dedicated page.
•We should add a mission statement and other information to the developing page (This informa- tion already exists as it was included in our 401c3 application).
*Age Friendly page is missing: we need an active link up.
*A button should be added from the Community Center page to directly link with Age Friendly
The mayor mentioned that there is a bank that would like to donate 25K, but we don’t know who. (Atlantic Stewardship?). Do we have anything in mind we’d like to apply for?
The 25K is appealing to Age Friendly to support programs previously provided by the Taub grant. Analyze what the community center needs: e.g., what’s the status of the ping pong tables?
$500 donation from Atlantic Stewardship bank from 2018.
Cathy suggested some of the 25K could be used for senior programming (which there are very few of in the summer).
•There were 2 classes at Graydon in the mornings, less attended because many participants are not Ridgewood residents (don’t have Graydon badge).
•Maybe reach out to Ridgewood Y (natural marriage) or one of the churches to share space in the summer (community center needed for inclement weather for Graydon camp). Janet will work on this with Gwenn.
•Janet applauds the lecture series. Bergen County historian is coming - maybe find out if he might be a good speaker for the Community Center.
•Craft projects
Previous expenses (such as the projector and lecture series came out of last year’s fundraising).
North Jersey Masters donated $1K to Community Center for volunteering to host water table dur- ing the Ridgewood Run on Memorial Day 2018.

Lisa Garvey reported in round numbers:
$31K in Taub
$6K in Community Center
Only expenses (previously approved) =
$699 on projector
Fees for tax preparation with Hagerty
MUNICIPAL ALLIANCE grant: previous 20-25 years for Village 25% cash match
75% in kind
Giving an extra $3500 because it has been managed so well.
It’s available through a committee with the Village, made up of school and community reps and has specific goals. With additional money they were able to expand. For example, they added “Kids Write Now”
A.Film Festival planned for early June (6/9-ish). Person in charge is vetting participants and their films (for things like language). They show films and creator/editor will talk about it. [Not associated with the Guild film festival)
B.Art Beat: run by same girl/woman who ran it last year. They are getting a date. Com- munity Center will set up table and snacks and refreshments to people who run this. To be held at Kashau Band Shell.
Upcoming events:
Earth Day: environmental focus, Van Neste Square 11-2
Don will contact Nancy Bigos to see if there’s a natural fit for CCAB to get a table
Discussion of transportation options.
Speaker series to include Mediucare 101, Elderlaw and the speaker Ashton Applewhite.
May is Older Americans Month. 5/22 Planning a ride through town on the senior bus (hop on/hop off) to discuss all the events for summer. Includes a snack. Starts in town and includes Joan Groom, Tony Damiano, Heather Mailander, Janet Fricke, the library, Beth Abbott, the Stable, Parks & Rec. (tidbits about Ridgewood history, meet Billy the bus dri- ver) Invited people to give brochures to put in goody bags with snacks. 10 people will ride in the AM and another 10 riders for the PM. The goal is for people who are curious about the bus but haven’t ridden it.
Beth: Graydon opening weekend targeted older population. Forwarding info about join- ing.
May use senior bus for Kashau programs.
Agreement with Montclair group to do another survey to see if there’s been a change and what people continue to care about.
Advertising about mid April (about a month out).
Autumn Living - Age Friendly info. May put something in the “Downtown Ridgewood” put out by the guild, to come out in the fall.
Date for next meetings, all at 5PM: 3.28.2019
Don adjourned.