Community Center Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 20190124

Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 1.24.2019
In attendance: Don Liebreich, Sheila Brogan, Beth Abbott, Tom Lillis, Marge Anderson, Gwenn Hauck, Cathy Greve, Nancy Friedman, Jeff Voigt
Don Liebreich called the meeting to order.

1. Leaves - helpers (Willard & Hawes)
2. Intergenerationally
Mapping: revealed need for Ridgecrest sidewalk to train station, exit train on West Side Sidebar: Safe routes to schools identified West Glen sidewalk project with an estimated cost of
$490K, but it can’t go all the way up Glen.
Unedited grant funding may provide additional money via the Community Development grant. It has some specificity re: ramp vs. sidewalk
There was just another pedestrian hit in the cross walk at Franklin & Broad (the 4th in 4 months). JEFF: re: Franklin Ave.
County focus on Maple at both Franklin and E. Ridgewood Ave., Franklin at Broad and Oak and they are actively working with the village.
BETH: Planning to redo the sidewalk audit with a team of volunteers.
1 of 3 benches is donated at the train station in the median of the parking lot. New transportation brochure. There will be a Wednesday bus service.
JEFF: new bus cost of $77K provided through bond/vote
BETH: working on speakers with the library
4/30 7pm Ashton Applewhite on Ageism (book out). $2500
60 Shades of Gray - publication targeted to those over 60 for health, wellness, fashion, etc..
Tom Yatka in Building Department: Universalist design
Less outdoor stairways
Ability to add grab bars later
Thanksgiving dinner successful! Bags went over well (from Valley)
Thoughts going forward to move the time up so people aren’t leaving when it’s dark. DON: update phone numbers of advisory board
MLK interfaith service held
Lisa Garvey submitted taxes. All is in order.
Community Center Manager’s Report (provided via email from Deanna)
Town website: nothing on Graydon, Parks & Rec, Facilities, Field Committee or Community Center on website.
Phone has not worked properly in the stable since 4.2018.
It can not transfer calls, take messages or provide emergency contact for campers.
Lines are crossed and Stable is receiving health department phone calls but can not transfer them back.
Phone system is Extel (Tom Richie’s company) set up at firehouse, library & stable. In 2014 it was changed to another company and subsequently changed back.
IT: Dillon Hanson to address
12/13: first meeting of 2018-2019 school year
Branch of community center with a goal of getting more kids involved by increasing CCAB or Rec programs with overlap
Planned: Wildscape cleanup
Cookoff for cancer
Civic quiz bowl in March (Mrs. Flemming, teacher moderator) at campus center: encourage older residents to participate
All attendees use cell phones to answer questions (maybe iPads?)
Civic youth core: viewing as community as a whole, trying to get youth involved in things Q&A with Ramon Hache in the Spring talk about community center and gov’t/politics. It was discussed that all members of the Village Council be invited to participate in the event.
Memorial Day: Veterans come to talk about what goes on in the military and what wars they’ve been in
Art Beat: 2nd week of June
Film Festival planned for early June (6/9-ish)
MARGE: Earth Day festival featuring Parks & Rec 4/14 featuring programs and parks BETH: Museum: things to make people come out
Don: HILT having mayor at meeting to answer questions
Date for next meetings: 2.28.2019 Don adjourned.
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