REAC-Green Team Joint Meeting Minutes 20180619

REAC-Green Team Joint Meeting Minutes 20180619

REAC: Bob Upton, George Wolfson, Lisa Summers, Pam Perron, Mary Mogerley (Parks & Recreation Rep), Jennie Smith Wilson (School Board Representative).
Green Team: Justin Manger, George Wolfson, Bob Upton.
Other: Serena Iacoviello, Leslie Lello

1. Minutes from the April meeting were approved after adding Pam to the attendees.

2. Membership update: Serena’s GT application status and REAC Village Staff Representative awaiting clarification (Mike). We welcomed Leslie as a new participant.

3. Earth Day & Daffodil Festival recap: Reiterated from previous meeting, “Parks” will be the 2019 theme, the date will be either 4/14 or 4/28 based on the Easter holiday conflict (4/21). George reviewed the benefits of having Village departments represented as theme and sponsor, benefits for both the departments and the event. 2018 event accounts are not final but indications are REAC funds will benefit by about $1,200.

4. Homework assignments:

(a) Projects representing grant opportunities & (b) suggested uses for REAC funds:
These topics created a wide ranging discussion. Noted in the last minutes Cathy would “research possible grants”. Some sources of grants were suggested: Sustainable Jersey (announce late summer for Gardinier & mid-Nov for PSE&G and application deadlines Oct & Feb respectively), ANJEC & CSIP (both closed for 2018 applications in April), Geraldine R Dodge (apparently limited to 501(3)(c) non-profits), NJ Transportation Funding (Safe Routes to School). Also SJ is offering grants for projects to Regional Hubs (deadline Oct 7th).
Some suggested topics for projects for grants were: Plastic Bag Ban, Food Waste Education/schools, Science & Environmental Clubs, Community Gardens, Healthbarn, Complete Streets. Also suggested: work with Ridgewood education Foundation, support teachers by helping them write grant applications.
Suggestions for use of REAC funds were: 1. Prize or sponsorship of Super Science Saturday. 2. Shade Tree Commission say nursery at recycling center needs plumbing, fencing etc. 3. Buy composters & offer for sale. 4. Finance films (perhaps better to show at Village Hall than library due to time restrictions on latter). 5. Help Parks & Rec buy more water bottle filling stations (cost about $2,000 each?) with recognition of REAC contribution + educational aspect (Bob or Mary to get a more detailed cost estimate).
Justin suggested we conduct an Environmental Resources Inventory using grant or funds.
Christine e-mailed some suggestions which were not read at the meeting: Grant ideas: 1-Promoting an anti-littering campaign and seeking volunteers to enforce/ encourage compliance. Families & businesses “adopt” an area? 2-Collection of used but usable computers/ printers at Village Hall or library to be donated/shared with folks who need them. 3-Paying for an energy audit for our largest buildings and studying the results to see where energy use can be reduced. REAC funds ideas: 1-More publicity of programs/presentations about energy conservation. 2-Purchasing rain barrels for placement in or near town gardens or sports fields that require watering.

5. Sustainable Jersey

a. Gold Star Standard in Waste – George & Justin reviewed a compost collection program operated by Community Compost Co in Hoboken presented at Glen Rock meeting (end product sold at Victoria’s Nursery & Secor Farms). They also met with Mike who will research downtown pick-up practices for paper, trash, food etc. Also proposed: Saturday presentations on composting at Recycling Center and maybe 2nd location.
b. Mayor’s Commitment/SJ Climate Pledge – no discussion.
c. The Green Business Program – conversations with restaurants & stores to be tied into plastic bags issue and waste reduction.
d. Signs for Village – reported a test sign is up on Linwood Ave at Rt17.
e. Grants: See above.
f. NJ Annual Summit 6/21 – Bob plans to attend.
g. SJ Bergen Hub – No one could attend the June 7th meeting in Glen Rock re. Renewable Govt. Energy Aggregation. SJ Hub grants – see above. Next Hub meeting Aug 1st in Oradell. A couple of sub-committees have been formed to focus on EPS (“Styrofoam”) and composting.

6. Schools update. Bob & George met with Jennie who will seek info on where sustainability fits in the curriculum, HSA & clubs activities.

7. By-Laws: No updates.

8. Plastic Bag Restrictions: Lisa & Ellie were applauded for their presentation to the Council. Lack of response to Guild & CofC surveys could be interpreted as lack of objection or lack of engagement.

9. Plaque for Andy Antista Tree: No discussion.

10. Good Life Ridgewood Event: We have been invited to participate in this event again this year which is on Sept 30th. Some felt last year’s REAC/GT table was good PR but some expressed concern about the nature of the exhibits. Bob will e-mail the invitation to all and invite feedback.

11. New business:

a. George has been trying without success to get an appointment with the Police Chief to discuss a permanent drug collection location. Bob will follow up while George is away.
b. Bob noted that the Village is intending to update or create a new Master Plan and believes REAC should try to ensure environmental issues are addressed.

Next Joint Meeting Date:  In the past meetings have been skipped in July and/or August due to summer vacations. Our current practice would place meeting dates at July 17 and Aug 21. A survey at this meeting determined that some people will be away on each of those dates. Bob will survey the other members and consult with Jiffy and advise our memberships.

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