Green Ridgewood Committee Meeting Minutes 20190716

REAC-Green Team Joint Meeting Minutes 20190716
REAC: Bob Upton, Christine Amundsen, Michael Sedon (Village Council Liaison), Robert Kearney (Village Staff Rep).
Green Team: Justin Manger, Bob Upton, Anthea Zito, Michael Sedon (Village Council Liaison).
Other: Bob Leibow.
1. Introductions/Membership:
Village Council has to finalize committee membership additions & adjustments as reported last month.
2. There were no comments about the June minutes, to be approved when we have quorum.
3. Sustainable Jersey
 a. Plans for Silver recertification.
Committee members have their assigned SJ Actions. Everyone is encouraged to review the Actions we are not currently targeting for any that align with their interests. Ellie asked if we can get credit for Geese Peace, perhaps as an innovative community project. She & Justin will review. September meeting will focus on progress with Actions.
 b. Gold Star Standard in Waste
Nothing new to report.
 c. Green Business Program
Nothing new to report.
4. SJ Bergen Hub
 a. “Styrofoam” Program.
The next drives will be Sept 22, Leonia, Sept 23, Glen Rock, Oct 20th, Ridgefield Park.
 b. Hub meetings.
Justin & Bob attended the July 15th meeting in Fair Lawn and saw a presentation on Community Solar, currently a pilot program from NJBPU/Clean Energy still evolving so there are some unanswered questions.
Justin & Bob volunteered Ridgewood to host the next meeting in September.  Date to be determined.
5. REAC Rebranding/By-Laws.
Justin, Bob & Mike have worked on revisions to the Village Code Chapters 18 (REAC) and 26 (Green Team). The revisions are limited to those necessary to change REAC’s name to Green Ridgewood, removal of references to alternate members, elimination of 2 year term limit on Green Ridgewood Chair (but leaving in place annual re-election). Mike will finalize revisions and submit to the Council, hopefully for introduction Aug 7th.
We will complete a draft of one by-laws for Green Ridgewood and Green Team to be reviewed at a future meeting.
Justin has created a proposed Green Ridgewood web site and shared it with committee members. Mike will schedule a presentation to the Village Council as soon as possible.
While we do not intend to seek upgrade to a commission it was noted that we can observe Planning Board actions for possible input. Rob expressed interest in attending their meetings.
6. Ridgewood Daffodil Festival & Earth Day Fair, April 19th 2020.
Bob will check on the planning schedule for the organizing committee.
7. Single Use Plastic Carry-Out Bags Ordinance – Education Program
Bob had previously asked of Mike what actions, if any beyond the legal requirements, the Village will take to announce/publicize the Ordinance so we can coordinate our efforts, and if the Village may assist us with resources. At Mike’s suggestion we have directed the question to Rich Calbi.
Ellie and Lisa are working on a program. Ellie suggested we may want to reduce the size of our reusable bag purchase. The Jersey City web site shows some useful tools they created which may help us develop our tools such as education materials for stores, signage, FAQs etc. A sign for the trestle and use of the Village’s illuminated mobile sign were suggested. We agreed we need to notify businesses asap and residents less urgently. We will advise the Chamber of Commerce, Guild, individual businesses and seek support from organizations such as churches, schools, Age Friendly Ridgewood and other community groups.
8. Energy Aggregation.
No info to report at this time, hopefully September. It was suggested the sub-committee look at the State Community Solar pilot program (see above) as a possible alternative to energy aggregation.
9. Grants
Still need to follow up with ANJEC and SJ about the failed applications. Glen Rock have a call scheduled with SJ on this subject.
10. Suggested uses for REAC funds.
 a. RHS & BFMS/RAEC Grant: Jennie confirmed the check was delivered to RPS. Now we will check on the purchase of the equipment.
 b. Middle school sustainability/environmental grant – Jennie has suggested a schedule for grant proposals: receive applications by Oct 31, decision by Dec 1 and present check Jan 1. Bob will attempt to draft a Procedures document along the lines Jennie provided previously.
11. Regenerative Environmentalism (Permaculture) Meet-Up Group.
Awaiting update from Leslie.
12. Educational events 
 a. “Schoolhouse Rock – Earth”. We have rescheduled this event for Oct 3rd. Mike will still produce and present the event now targeted at ages 4 – 7 as suggested by Library staff.
 b. Water Bottle Filling Station Promotion – No update.
 c. Lead Education (SJ Action): Rob & Cathy are planning with Health Dept.
 d. Screening of movie “Plastic Ocean”. Unitarian Society Environmental Justice Committee has suggested Nov 8th or 9th for a joint function. The ANJEC version of the movie is a short version. Ellie will either buy or borrow the long version from the library. Bob will respond to USR re program date – either is OK.
13. Master Plan/Visioning.
No update.
14. Schools.
Bob & Christine met informally with RHS teachers Nancy Reilly and Miles Luo to discuss areas of common interest. Miles expects SEA & RAEC may merge soon. We also want to learn how & where sustainability appears in the curriculum.
15. Midland Park - Citizens Concerned with the Environment group
Bob attended their second meeting June 20th. The group is still getting started. Next meeting July 18th.
16. New business.
 a. Ellie suggested leaf management as an area for educational effort for residents.
 b. Justin reminded all that Upper Saddle River Environmental Committee is hosting a Residential Solar Power event July 23rd 7.30 PM.
17. As decided last month there will be no August meeting. Next Joint Meeting will be Tuesday Sept 17th at 7.00 PM.