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This document embodies the policies and procedures that govern facility use and users in order to ensure optimal maintenance of athletic fields and other recreational facilities, owned by the Village of Ridgewood (VOR) and by the Ridgewood Board of Education (BOE), and to assure fair and efficient access to those facilities.

The primary use of municipal recreation areas and facilities is for public recreation activities. The primary uses of school recreational facilities are (a) during school hours for school use exclusively (generally 8:30 am to 3:30 pm on days school is in session) and (b) during non-school hours and on non-school days, for school and public recreation use. Use of municipal facilities at Pleasant Park and Citizen's Park, because of their proximity to Hawes and George Washington Schools respectively, is limited to school use during school hours on school days. Municipal facilities may be made available for activities of non-public schools during normal school hours if available and if not in conflict with maintenance of the facility or other community use. The recognized youth sports groups provide a valuable service to the community as well as to the youth of this Village.

Factors to be considered in determining permission for use, as well as permission for type of use, are: current capital improvements or rehabilitation, regular maintenance, extent of wear and tear to be caused by use, coordination of uses, efficient scheduling, location of facility, and availability of services at a facility.

All parties must comply with Federal and State anti-discrimination laws. All facility users shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws; such user shall pay all the costs, expenses, fines, penalties, and damages which may be imposed upon the owner of the property by reason of, or arising out of, the user's failure to fully and promptly comply with all legal requirements and observe all the provisions of this policy.