Village of Ridgewood - 2024 Parking Information

Kiosk / Meter Rates & Times

Kiosks / Meters are active during the following:

  • Monday through Friday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: Free

All parking areas except the Cottage Place lot have kiosks/meters with 3-hour limits for general parking. This lot has an extended parking kiosk/meter.

Residents can purchase daily parking passes for use in the following lots: Train Station lot, 3rd Level of the Hudson St Garage, and Cottage Place lot, through our website. Parking at the Train Station Lot BEFORE 9 am is only permitted with a Premium Parking Pass or Resident Sticker with daily pass.

Kiosk Price Per HourMaximum Kiosk Duration
$1.25 per hour - Hudson Street Garage
  • 1st level - 3 hours by kiosk
  • 2nd & 3rdlevel - 3 hours by kiosk after 12 pm
    • 2nd level all day with Premium Permit
    • 3rd level all day with Premium or Non-Premium Permit or Daily Pass
  • CBD Employees (4th level) - All day
$1.25 per hour - All streets
  • 3 hours
$1.25 per hour - All lots
  • Cottage Place Lot - All Day
  • Train Station Lot - 3 hours by kiosk after 9 am. ONLY without permit
  • Designated CBD Employee Spots in Walnut Street Lot - All Day
  • All others - 3 hours by kiosk

To contest a parking ticket, please email Kimberly McWilliams:

See the following for information regarding CBD Employee Parking, General Parking, Overnight Parking Permits, our 15-minute metered parking spaces, and Ridgewood Parking Permits (RPP):

  • CBD Employee Stickers can be obtained at the Village Hall Reception Desk
  • CBD Employee parking sticker required - $30 annual sticker required to park in CBD Employee spaces in Hudson Street Garage 4th level, Cottage Lot, and Walnut Street lot.
  • Hangtags are $110 per month or $55 if sold from the 16th of the month forward.
  • CBD Employees may pay by meter instead of purchasing hangtags
  • CBD employee parking is permitted only in parking spaces indicated for CBD employees.