20220310 - CBDAC Minutes

CBDAC Minutes – March 10th 2022

Attendees: Pamela Perron, Phil Davis, Trish Manzo, Stacey Tsapatsaris, Stephen DelPercio, Jordan Kaufman, Michael Pickholz, Anastasia Bamberg, Steve Aspero, and Chief Jacqueline Luthcke.

Guests: Jeanne Johnson and Paul Vagianos

  1. Plastic Bag Ban
    1. As of November 2021, plastic straws are no longer provided unless requested by patron.
    2. Carryout plastic bags with handles will be banned. Will also cover containers used for food delivery.
    3. Plastic used by dry cleaners to protect hung clothing are exempt from ban.
    4. Comprehensive website will be referenced through VOR website.
    5. Green Ridgewood will be going door to door to Merchants to educate. Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and Ridgewood Guild will be given the opportunity to spread the word as well.
    6. Daffodil / Earth Day will also be an opportunity to inform the general public.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. Approved Minutes of January 13, 2022
    2. Approved Minutes of February 10, 2022
  3. Minute Taking
    1. Minute takers reiterated and confirmed for future scheduled meetings as circulated by Pam Perron under previous separate cover.
  4. Village Council Update by Pam Perron
    1. New Zoning Map with affordable housing overlay now available
    2. Parking Permits: 24 x 7 x 365 Parking Permits for VOR Residents
      1. Locations: Available at Hudson Garage 3rd floor and Cottage Street Lot    
      2. Cost: ~$1,600/yr at Garage [actually $1,625/yr]; $1,300/yr at Cottage Street
    3. Commercial use of power tools and manual tools is only allowed during the following hours:
      1. Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
      2. Sat: 9am-1pm
      3. Sun and federal holidays: Prohibited   
    4. Commercial Dumpsters will require a Village permit
      1. Parking Spaces must be paid to reserve spaces for the dumpster
      2. Area surrounding the dumpster must be cleaned daily
  5. Dining Corrals
    1. Over 1,900 electronic signatures collected for petition favoring outdoor dining corrals within CBD.
    2. Many residents showed up and took the podium in favor of dining corrals. No retailers voiced an opinion.
    3. Majority of Council felt that the dining corrals were a temporary measureduring Covid and that restaurants were not promised it would continue to perpetuity. Several retailers are objecting to the continuance of dining corrals. Apricot Lane was brought up as example of a retailer who feels the Park West corral makes parking difficult, yet they were not aware of the neighboring conveniently available parking lots.
    4. Safety: With the exception of one accident on Broad street, which cannot be confirmed as being linked to the dining corral, there have been none.  
    5. Effective March 31, 2022, the dining corral authorization will expire and the barriers will have to be removed.
      1. CBDAC attendees unanimously agreed that Corrals should continue until at least October 2022.
      2. Merchants have been paying for the reserved parking spaces during the winter when they didn’t use them. It would be counter-intuitive to remove the corrals now with better weather ahead and extended outdoor seating expected by all.
    6. Summit-Montclair-Ridgewood considered strong towns
      1. What are other strong towns doing?
    7. Action Item: CBDAC, RCofC, and RG can assist in providing retailers access to a map of all parking options.
    8. Action Item: Letter to the Council to be drafted and signed by CBDAC members. Short on words, heavy on content.
  6. Tunnel Committee
    1. CBDAC subcommittee headed up by Stephen DelPercio
    2. Pam Perron sent questions to Chris Rutishauser and will follow-up on March 21st call. 
    3. Safety: Chief Luthcke reported no incidents other than urination and pedestrian hit by bicyclist
    4. Next Steps: Recommendations in April
  7. AC Outlet access for Musicians
    1. Often bands blow out circuits.
    2. Action item: Ask for map of outlets from Chris Rutishauser
  8. Parking Garage – Increase utilization
    1. Creative solutions that can be employed by Merchants
      1. ENVY – placed signage at storefront window advertising parking available at Hudson Street Garage.
      2. Validation and payment of Hudson Street Parking by merchants
      3. Merchants should “advertise” where to park and highlight Hudson Garage
    2. VOR Website: Provide map and more clarity regarding parking.
    3. Wayfinding: Post new signs at top of Broad and Passaic streets
  9. Upgrade of light poles
    1. PSEG owned and low priority
  10. Upcoming Events
    1. Oscar Night at Park West Tavern Loft on March 25th hosted by the Ridgewood Guild. $65pp with 2hr open bar
    2. Daffodil / Earth Day: April 10th from 11am to 2pm
    3. Easter in the Park: April 16th complete with Easter Bonnet Parade


Minutes Submitted by Stacey V Tsapatsaris

Approved April 14, 2022

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