20200611 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee  (CBDAC)


Thursday, June11th, 2020


In Attendance: Jordan Kaufman, Philip Davis, Mayor Ramon Hache, Bill Gilsenan, Gary Kolesair, Michael Velicu and Lorraine Reynolds- Meeting began at 8:44 am

General discussion regarding the “Outdoor Mall” and specifically how CBDAC should be involved.

Parking Garage- delay due to PSE&G availability, anticipated opening the end of July 2020

Discussed anticipated problems in CBD-

Feed the Front Lines raised over $100,000 and local restaurants delivered over 6,000 meals to both Valley Hospital, first responders and families in need due to financial impact of the Covid-19 shutdown.

Mayor Hache met with the Bergen County Executive and the Governor, reopening target initially was set for Mid-July however data is showing improvement, New date 6/15. The Mayor has met with every department head to review how Village will transition.

Reopening Issues-

  1. Business must create a comfortable environment to make the public feel safe.
    1. CBDAC will provide businesses with guidelines issued by the Village that are included in the outdoor café packet as well as a logo to be displayed on entrance door.
  2. Occupancy will be limited impacting profitability- levels may begin at 25% and increase over time
  3. How can the Village optimize use of Public Space

Discussed General Guidelines for businesses participating in the Outdoor mall

Discussed possible Marketing of CBD

Discussed future makeup of CBDAC, current terms expire in October.- Add members, consider task force members

Discussed success of commercial property owners forum

Pam Perron will replace Mayor Hache as the council representative

Meeting concluded at 9:56 am