20210121 - CBDAC Minutes


 MEETING MINUTES OF January 21, 2021

Present:  Jordan Kaufman, Anastasia Bamberg, Steve Aspero, Kathryn Schmidt, Gary Kolisaire, Rob DelCalzo, Pamela Perron, Michael Pickholz, Michael Velicu, Max Viola.  Guests: Jeanne Johnson, Chris Rutishauser, Stacey Tsapatsaris, Paul Vagianos, Randy Carson

DiscussionBollards Village of Ridgewood Engineer Chris Rutishauser presented the idea of installing semi-permanent bollards in the CBD to mark off restaurant street corrals instead of the water-filled yodocks.  Stacey showed photos of how these are used at the property she redeveloped in Dover, NJ.  All agreed that these are a more attractive option than the yodocks.  The idea would be that the restaurants purchase the bollards (~$450 each) and the Village installs them.  Paul and Randy will see which restaurants would be interested.  Chris will present the idea to the Village Council. 

          Litter  A shop owner complained to the Village Manager that litter downtown has increased.  Jordan questioned whether there are enough garbage cans stationed around town, and Michael Velicu asked why we have the transparent garbage receptacles.  Gary observed that the street sweeper came through recently and did a good job.  Chris explained that there is no set formula for the number of garbage cans downtown; rather, the Village looks at how fast they fill up.  In addition, the transparent receptacles are necessary for safety.  Michael Pickholz suggested that perhaps we should consider an “adopt-a-can” project.  Jeanne responded that those types of programs require too much volunteer time. 

          Musician Parking during Pedestrian Mall  Looking ahead to the Spring, Pamela raised the issue of accommodating the musicians who play for free during the Pedestrian Mall.  Can the Village provide parking for them?  Jeanne suggested that what is really needed are spots for unloading at 10-11:00 a.m. and at 4:00-5:00 p.m.

          Blue Laws  Pamela and Steve reported on their draft Executive Order to lift the burden of Bergen County’s Sunday Closing laws.  Because Governor Murphy is up for re-election in November 2021, it is unlikely he would consider signing such a measure.  Revisit this issue in December. 

          Liquor License Reform  Pamela reported that the NJ Legislature is actively considering a permit to allow restaurants to serve beer, wine and hard cider.  Contact your representatives concerning S2964/A4925 if you have an opinion.              

Presentation:  Green Ridge Wealth Planning spoke to technology disruptions and innovations like Netflix.  They presented historical examples that help anticipate where the markets will go in 2021. 

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Perron
February 1, 2021