20200625 - Central Business District Advisory Committee Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee


June 25, 2020


In attendance: Councilman Ramon Hache, Paul Vagianos, Bill Gilsenan , Jordan Kaufman, Pam Perron, MJ Shinozuka, Chief Luthcke, Lorraine Reynolds, Michael Pickholz, Gary Kolesaire, Philip Davis, Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Velicu


Jordan Kaufman called the meeting to order and highlighted items on the agenda including curbside delivery and the newly created weekend outdoor pedestrian mall .


Ramon Hache shared a parting message given his move off the Village Council and the CBDAC, thanking the committee for their work and highlighting some of the history and lessons learned throughout his 4 years chairing the group.  He cited the importance of funding to implement ideas, and recommended that the current focus should be on engaging residents to support the downtown businesses.    One of the avenues for this is to highlight the importance of the downtown businesses to funding and underwriting events in the village, whether youth sporting events or the 4th of July fireworks.  Likewise, in these tough economic times, how can the village find ways to make it easier for businesses to operate.   He recommended that the CBDAC become even more focused and targeted.


Pam Perron, recently elected to the Village Council, introduced herself as the new Council Liaison to the CBDAC.  Pam gave a brief introduction of herself , thanked Ramon for his leadership, and outlined a number of ways she hoped to work with the CBDAC including strengthening relationships through one-on-one meetings, helping with outreach to businesses, and being a conduit to the Village Council to represent the CBDAC’s ideas.


CBD Curbside Pick-up. There was significant discussion regarding curbside pick-up. Key points included:



A small sub-group will put a proposal together for review by the CBDAC and then to present to the Village Council.  Members who would like to be part of that sub-group should submit their names to Jordan Kaufman or Kathryn Schmidt.


Structure of the CBDAC. A number of recommendations were made to improve the operation of the CBDAC including the following:



Next Steps.  The committee will focus on curbside pick-up and CBDAC structural issue in preparation for the next meeting.


No other business was presented.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn Schmidt

June 25, 2020