CBDAC Meeting Minutes 03212019

Central Business District Advisor Committee Minutes
March 21, 2019
In attendance: Michael Velicu, Philip Davis, Michael Pickholz, Mary Jane Shinozuka, Kathryn Schmidt, Lorraine Reynolds, Councilman Ramon Hache
Absent: Chris Rustishauser, Chief Luthcke, Gary Kolesaire, Bill Gilsenan, Amy Borque. Gail McCarthy
The minutes from February 14 were circulated for approval.
Council Hache updated the group on recent legislation that has been passed:
• Outdoor Café Dining including setbacks, clearance, umbrella height, barrier height
• Salons and Cosmetologists including annual local inspections and advisement
There was significant conversation among the group, both pro and con, on the ramifications and impact of these regulations on both business owners and customers of these establishments and the CBD.  
Website Update: Michael and Gail followed up on recent bids and made a recommendation. Fine-tuning of and comparison of deliverables among vendors is still underway.
Van Neste Lighting Project: Philip Davis updated the group on the status of the project and requested that the Village use the installation, expected by June, as an opportunity to promote the Village in a significant way. Once completed, the lighting and audio enhancements to the park will enable additional events to be s that can draw residents and non-residents to the CBD.
This led to additional discussion and debate on the following:
• The Village does not do a good job of promoting itself when there is news to share, i.e. free parking on Saturdays during holiday season, upcoming 125th anniversary.
• A PR/marketing firm could help get our message out more effectively.  Towns like Westfield and Red Bank appear to be able to fund such support.
• The value of the CBD to contribute to the tax base of the village is not well communicated to residents. 
• No celebratory events or announcements seem to be underway for this year’s 125thanniversary of Ridgewood.  Will we have time to do this justice and capitalize on this milestone?
The garage construction has been slightly delayed due to a construction material deficit.
The process for enforcement of ordinances was debated as there is a perception that some businesses are constantly receiving summonses or receiving summonses without time to address the issue, while others are allowed to remain out of compliance for long periods of time.  The committee recommends that the enforcement process consist of 1) a warning, and if no redress within a designated timeframe, then 2) a summons, and if no redress within a designated timeframe, then, 3) revocation of the business’ license.
It was requested that the following items be included in the next CBDAC meeting:
• Establishment of a Van Neste Park Committee
• PR/Marketing for the Village
• 2% allocation for CBD improvements
• Attendance at CBDAC meetings
• Better utilization of office space in the Village
• Mandate and objectives of the CBDAC
Submitted by,
Kathryn Schmidt
April 2, 2019
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