20190411 - Central Business District Advisory Committee Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2019



In attendance: Ramon Hache, Gary Kolesaire, Chief Jaqueline Luthcke, Lorrain Reynolds, Michael Velicu, Gail McCarthy, Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Pickholz, Philip Davis, Bill Gilsenan


Absent: Amy Borque, Chris Rutishauser, Mary Jane Shinozuka


Also attending: Scott Lief, Joan Groom, Tom Hillman


Minutes of March 21 meeting were accepted.


Parking Update: 


Truck Deliveries


125th Anniversary


Website Update: Specs out again with a listing of requirements to aid with consistency of bids.


Van Neste Project Update: Looking to set up a committee that mirrors the Kasschau Shell committee to plan events in the park.


Items for next month’s agenda:




Respectfully submitted,


Kathryn Schmidt

May 7, 2019