20230608 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC)


Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2023

In-person meeting 8:30 – 10:00am


Members Present: Glenn Carlough, Pam Perron (VC liaison), Jordan Kaufman (CBDAC Chair), Trish Manzo (Ridgewood Guild), Rebecca Tatlock, Phil Davis (Chamber liaison), Stephen Del Percio, Stacy Tsapatsaris, Police Chief Jacqueline Luthcke, Tom Hillmann, Michael Pickholz and Steve Aspero.


Guests Present: Jeanne Johnson, Joan Groome, Katheryn Schmidt (on phone)


Administrative Matters: CBDAC unanimously approved the May 11, 2023 meeting minutes. Trish approved and Phil seconded.





o   Gold Star Monument is going ahead. Now in fundraising stage. Location is east side of the WWI memorial. Discussing a new protocol at Village council around requests for plaques, benches, etc as there are significant requests.

o   Voted last night to install four 15-minute parking meters in the Chestnut Street lot. Post 8pm parking is free.

o   New trashcans have now been installed in the village. Look great.

o   Finishing off the CBD tree wells in the fall. Chestnut/Oak.

o   Pride Celebration in Van Neste Square @ 1pm on Sat.

o   Taxi Stand (Broad Street side) – going out for bid who wants to rent those spaces. Is zoned for commercial use.



o   Annual Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner will be on Tuesday night at Steel Wheel. New president will be Glenn.

o   Car Show Sept 8th still on track starting @ 6pm. Looking for ~ 280 cones to go on every parking spot.



o   Movies in the Park was due to start last night but cancelled due to the wildfire smoke. Will proceed again next Weds.

o   BBQ party scheduled with Panico Salon. Sat July 29th. Rain date on Sunday 2pm.  Van + DJ. Event starting at 6:30 – 11pm. DJ starts 9-9:30pm.

o   All planned in the back parking lot.

o   Flyers will be going out including marketing through social media.

o   Need to mindful of the bands that will be in Van Neste.


Pedestrian Tunnel:

o   The tunnel has deteriorated. Committee decided yesterday to go ahead with a complete renovation work and repairs ~ $50k in costs. Will be a lengthier project ~ 2 years before its finished. Brings it into the 2024 budget to be pitched for.




1.      Impressions of the Pedestrian Plaza Kick-off

o   Ran out of time to address. To cover in next meeting’s agenda.


2.      SID Subcommittee Report on candidate interviews. Considerations of next steps

o   Sub-committee participants: Michael, Glenn, Stacey, Jordan, Pam, Katheryn and Paul

o   Currently at the stage to fully consider the application of a SID and actively seeking professional help to support this process.

o   Out of SIDs that are applied for and granted, only approx. 40% are now operational (of those that were not successful and those that did their required job and then were retired)

o   The SID subcommittee interviewed two different groups by interview panel. Interview panel were aligned on the preferred candidate. Want committee consensus on the breadth of work assigned and the goals that we are looking to achieve. E.G. Correct allocation of commercial businesses so we do not get surplus of similar or duplicative establishments.

o   Within the SID application, there is the ability to assign a sunset date if required.

o   SID seems more appropriate than ‘Main street’ due to Ridgewood’s size.

o   The statute creates a SID that it is the only entity In which a government can participate in and reps that can also have a 501(C)(3).

o   Need ~ 12 months to lay the groundwork and get community buy in.

o   Several quotes were provided. One group quoting $15-35k (pressed for costings several times) and One group $48k.

o   They stressed that the village council should invest money upfront to show there is skin in the game. If you want to apply for Main Street grant funding, there will be an opening in 2024.

o   Stu Koperweis provided interesting insights. E.G. Who are the stakeholders? Answer: Property owners and shop owners, not residents. SID should have support of the Chamber of Commerce and the Guild. Trustees of the SID that would decide. ~ 11-15 trustees with 3-year staggered terms recommended.

o   Target for SID be ready ahead to support the Pedestrian Plaza for 2024.

o   SID Budget estimate of the $400k-$1.2MM on an annual run rate. Cost of employees and + cost of pedestrian plaza. 2-3 full time/part time employees.

o   Question if the Guild could be part of the SID. No answer as yet.

Next Steps:

o   Need to confirm potential funding source. Proposed this should be council but not allocated within the current 2023 budget.

o   Ask Stu Koperweis to provide the quote + work matrix outline including proposed payment schedule. Would then make sense to bring it to the landlord association meeting.

o   Concern more around the Pedestrian Plaza as the focus of the SID. Goal is to have a managed downtown rather than a specific Plaza goal.

o   Jeanne to potentially look to include in the business newsletter.


3.      Farewell to Chief Luthcke

o   Thank you and farewell to Jackie retiring on June 30th. Cake + Cookies in Youth Lounge to celebrate the morning of. Wishing her all the best in her retirement and the exciting adventures ahead.

o   Next captain will be assigned to the CBDAC.


The next CBDAC meeting will be Thursday, July 13, 2023, via zoom 8:30 – 10:00am


Submitted by: Rebecca Tatlock



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20230511 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC)


Meeting Minutes – May 11, 2023

Virtual Meeting via Zoom 8:30 – 10:00 am


Members Present:    Glenn Carlough, Pam Perron (VC liaison), Jordan Kaufman (CBDAC Chair), Trish Manzo (Ridgewood Guild), Rebecca Tatlock, Phil Davis (Chamber liaison), Anastasia Bamberg, Stephen Del Percio, Stacy Tsapatsaris, Police Chief Jacqueline Luthcke, and Steve Aspero.


Guests Present:  Jeanne Johnson, Michael Pickholz Sara Parra


Administrative Matters:   CBDAC unanimously approved the April 13, 2023 meeting Minutes.




Pedestrian Plaza:  Pam Perron advised that the Pedestrian Plaza on portions of E. Ridgewood will commence on June 3, 2023.  Phil Davis expressed his concerns as to how the use of the Pedestrian Plaza by retailers will be determined including who determines what retailers can be invited to have a presence on the Plaza.  Phil mentioned that he is concerned that the Plaza’s use will be limited to retailers whose businesses are located inside the confines of the Plaza and he urged that whomever is going to be responsible to roll-out the Pedestrian Plaza that they will apply a “best practices” approach where one business will not be preferred over another business.  Phil discussed how social media will allow people to learn about Destination Ridgewood.       


Chamber of Commerce:   Phil Davis gave the Committee a brief overview of the Chamber’s planned activities and programs and mentioned that there will be a number of new Chamber committees established that will need volunteers.


Ridgewood Guild:  Trish Manzo advised that, like the Chamber of Commerce, the Guild is expanding its events offerings.  Trish invited and encouraged all CBDAC Committee Members to attend the Guild’s activity presentations.


Bump-out Additions:    Anastasia Bamberg advised that Citizens Safety Advisory Committee is pressing the County to install (better) traffic signals and bump-outs on Franklin Avenue.  Anastasia also discussed the need for new sidewalks on W. Glen and mentioned that discussions were on-going as to where to put the farmers’ market.


Special Improvement District (SID):   Michael Pickholtz advised that the SID subcommittee met twice and expects to be having introductory meetings with two SID consultants on May 23rd, following which it is anticipated that the SID subcommittee will decide which consultant it prefers and advise CBDAC accordingly.  Michael also mentioned that the consultant costs can likely be generated privately.  Pam Perron mentioned that the two SID professional consultants the SID subcommittee will be meeting are Luther Flurry and Stuart Koperweis.  They will also will be doing a CBD walk-thru.


Gold Star Families Memorial:  at a Village Council meeting last October, Chris Stout of the Ridgewood American Legion Post 53 presented plans to the Council to change the placement of a proposed Gold Star Families monument in Van Neste Square.  Since then professional designers have come up with a new design.   Pam Perron advised that the existing WWI monument in Van Nest Square park has been cleaned and looks much better.  Stephen Del Percio advised that it was his understanding that 14 memorial trees were going to replace the aging trees at Graydon Pool. 


            Miscellaneous Matters:


Flexible Loading Zones:  Jordan mentioned that the installation of flexible loading zones have not resulted in any significant impacts on CBD retailers.


Tunnel Mural Project:    Jeanne Johnson advised that the selection of artists that will compose the jury to make a final selection of an artist to design the mural(s) in the pedestrian tunnel has been completed and that preliminary mural images will soon be presented to CBDAC.  The mural is expected to contain leaves that will be able to have the donors’ names printed on them.  Jeanne mentioned that State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approval will ultimately be needed.


            Closing Discussion: 


                        Pedestrian Plaza:  The closing portion of the CBDAC meeting returned to implementation of the Pedestrian Plaza and who/what Village entity will have control and authority over the Pedestrian Plaza and what businesses will be invited and granted access.  Most members of the CBDAC acknowledged that much more thought is needed to determine what entity should control the Plaza going forward.  Glenn Carlough expressed his view that the Chamber of Commerce would not be comfortable handling cash-flows related to the operation of the Pedestrian Plaza. 


The next CBDAC meeting will be Thursday, June 8 in person at 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.


Submitted by: Steve Aspero

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20230413 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee  (CBDAC)

Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2023

In person at Village Hall   8:30 – 10:00 am    


Members Present: Jacqueline Luthcke (Chief of Police), Glenn Carlough, Pam Perron (VC liaison), Steve Aspero; Jordan Kaufman (CBDAC Chair), Trish Manzo (Ridgewood Guild); Rebecca Tatlock; Phil Davis(Chamber liaison)


Guests present: Paula Gavin, Paul Vagianos, Ramon Hache, Karen Stires, Joan Groome, Sara Parra, Michael Pickholz, David Rosen, Seth Akar, Laurie Jordan, Randy Carson, Gary Kolisaire, and David Rosen.


Administration:  CBDAC approved the March 9, 2023 meeting minutes. 


Updates: Village Council -- Pam Perron discussed Pedestrian Tunnel Project.  Six artists compose the jury to select an artist to design the mural. Rossi Paints is donating the paint and supplies. Thirty artists have applied.  The State Historic Preservation Office still needs to approve the plan. There will be a fundraiser established where donors’ names will be incorporated into the mural.


Chamber of Commerce’s New Strategic Plan

            Glenn Carlough discussed the Strategic Plan, which was researched and crafted by consultant Paula Gavin through surveys and interviews.  The Plan’s goals include increasing the number of Board members and the membership generally.  Each Board member will have to do more.  The Chamber may add employees.  We are approaching the 100th Anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce and needs to market itself.

            Paula Gavin recommended creation of an annual calendar including all organizations in town to bring people together.  Chief Luthcke suggested the calendar be limited to only CBD events.  CBDAC could coordinate that initiative.  Do it in the fall and invite all organizations to a community meeting so that the town has a unified vision.  Trish, Joan and Kathryn will meet and collaborate on a calendar. 

Special Improvement District (SID) vs. a § 501(c)(3)  

            The group discussed a SID.  Phil suggested the committee should look at the train wreck SIDs as well as the success stories in other communities.   Pam said that DCA Director Jeff Buehler advised that when SIDs fail, it happened because of the DMC Executive Director’s or the Board of Directors’ poor relationships.  We talked about whether establishing a § 501(c)(3) better serve Ridgewood’s needs. Ms. Gavin pointed out that SIDs have about a 60% success rate.  A § 501 (c)(6) is a membership organization, whereas a 501(c)(3) charitable organization can accept donations.  It was suggested that the goal should be to get additional funding for events.  What is the responsibility of the municipality?

 Ramon Hache, Michael Pickholz and Jordan will follow up Set up and/or follow up about community foundation 501(c)(3).

Upcoming Meetings:   

            The SID subcommittee will meet April 19th 8:30 a.m. at Steel Wheel Tavern to follow up discussion on opportunities for a SID or § 501(c)(3).  The Business Owners’ Forum will convene April 24 at 8:30 a.m. in the Village Hall courtroom.

            The next CBDAC meeting will be Thursday, May 11 at 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.


Submitted by

Phil Davis

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20230309 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee


Meeting Minutes-March 9, 2023, 8:30-10:00 am via Zoom


In Attendance: Members:, Tom Hillmann, Jordan Kaufman, Trish Manzo, Pam Perron, Philip Davis, Stephen Del Percio, Glenn Carlough, Anastasia Bamberg, Stacey Tsapatsaris, Steve Aspero.

Guests: Michael Pickholz, Kathryn Schmidt, Paul Vagianos, Jeanne Johnson,


Administration: The CBDAC approved the February 9th minutes




Village Council-Pam Perron


-Chestnut lot/street kiosk pilot program with matching $1.25 rate

-Train station pedestrian tunnel beautification project update

-Removal of “dead” meter polls

-A move toward exclusive ordinances rather than the current inclusive ordinances

-Paula Gavin presented the 5-year Strategic Plan to the Chamber of Commerce  yesterday-There is an important Village Council Budget Meeting on 3/15


Chamber of Commerce-Phil Davis


-The Chamber is approaching its 100th Anniversary

-The Chamber Strategic Plan is dedicated to modernizing the Chamber while maintaining a link to the past

-Glenn Carlough will provide a “Cliff’s Notes” version of the Strategic Plan at the April 13 CBDAC meeting.  Paula Gavin will join us.


Ridgewood Guild-Trish Manzo


-The Guild’s first fundraiser of the season, the Oscar Party to be held at the loft a PWT, is sold out.

-PWT and SWT were thanked for their respective sponsorships

-Paving Oak Street before the onset of the Pedestrian Plaza/Dining Corrals was suggested


CSAC-Anastasia Bamberg


-Safe Routes to School grant

-Subcommittee for downtown safety

-Side streets to be paved shortly

-Bump outs are being built on Prospect and Hudson streets

-Possible Build Back Better funding

-Chris Rutishauser has not been attending meetings, but Jovan Mehandzic has been in attendance

-Traffic calming measures continue to be researched and discussed

-The dangerous nature of Franklin Ave and the complications that come from being a County road was lamented

-Jeanne Johnson mentions a State grant that had been awarded for Franklin Ave, but those funds have been diverted

-5 pedestrians have been killed on Bergen County roads this year



Pedestrian Tunnel-Jeanne Johnson


-Jeanne’s power point presentation was extensive, so the following is intended to represent highlights, or that which was discussed but was not included in the presentation

-Ridgewood was voted best downtown in 201 Magazine’s Best of Bergen

-Jeanne mentioned a $500 grant from the Ridgewood Arts Foundation to pay a muralist

-Seeking muralists from AP art students and local professional artists

-12 proposals have been submitted to date

-Commemorative “leaves” can be purchased and personalized as a way to raise revenue

-Benjamin Moore CEO and RossiPaints to donate paint for the tunnel as they did for the dining corrals

-The tunnels have not received attention since 2012

-Floors are to be power washed, not painted

-There are 30 advertising billboards in the tunnel, but most revenue comes from only 8 of them on the ramps

-The tunnel is under the jurisdiction of the State Historic Preservation Office (“SHPO”)

-SHPO declassification was discussed


Pedestrian Plaza (PP)-Paul Vagianos


-The PP will run from 5/20 until 9/17 which may be extended

-Dining Corrals will run concurrently

-Beautifying the corrals was discussed

-Retractable bollards are the long-term goal

-Cement blocks will be employed in 2023

-RPD created renderings for the PP

-Increased number of 15-minute parking spots during PP season

-PP participants to pay for involvement

-SID/BID could become the source of funding for the PP

-3/24 Westfield SID field trip

-4/1 SID subcommittee meeting

-Village sponsorship was suggested and discussed

-There is a need for signage to advertise the PP

-“Arc” signs/banners on specific intersections to signify entrance to the PP

-Inclusivity is a goal of the PP

-PP is now via resolution as opposed to ordinance



New or Old Business


-The Village of Ridgewood filed a condemnation complaint to acquire the Town Garage property on Franklin Avenue

-Russo construction on N Broad is imminent and will be researched and confirmed

-Curiosity as to the state of “Finca” as the PP approaches

-The next CBDAC meeting will be in person at the Senior Lounge at Village Hall on April 13.


Respectfully submitted by Glenn Carlough

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20230209 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee  (CBDAC)

Meeting Minutes – February 9th, 2023

Thursday, February 9th, 2023     8:30 – 10:00 am     Held by ZOOM

Members Present: Tom Hillmann; Jacqueline Luthcke (Chief of Police); Stacey Tsapatsaris; Glenn Carlough; Pam Perron (VC liaison); Steve Aspero; Jordan Kaufman (CBDAC Chair); Stephen Del Percio; Anastasia Bamberg (CSAC liaison); Trish Manzo (Ridgewood Guild); Kathryn Schmidt; Rebecca Tatlock (new member);Phil Davis (Chamber liaison)


Guests present: Paul Vagianos, Kerry White (President of Newcomers), Jeanne Johnson, Kathryn Schmidt, David Rosen, Justine Kaufman


Administration            CBDAC approved the January 12, 2023 meeting minutes.  Jordan introduced our new CBDAC member, Rebecca Tatlock, who recently moved to town.       




-      Village Council -- Pam

o   The owner of La Casita has passed away and the store will be closing.

o   The Village has filed a condemnation complaint to acquire the unsightly Town Garage on Franklin Ave.

o   The Kissing Ball hanging ornaments have been found and hopefully can be reused this coming holiday season.

o   Council passed two bond ordinances to build PFAS treatment facilities totaling of $60 million


-      Chamber of Commerce -- Phil

o   100th anniversary this year. The plan is to be more “strategic” in 2023 and also get more people involved with the Chamber this year.

o   Paula Gavin has been a great resource to help with planning – she will also talk to CBDAC. She is a civic leadership consultant who works across New Jersey with similar towns/organizations.


-      Guild -- Trish

o   The Guild is starting to work on its events for the year. The Guild wanted the committee to know how much one of the free events costs: “Movies in the Park,” for instance, costs $4,050.00 to produce. With movie royalties jumping to $375.00 per film. 


-      CSAC -- Anastasia

o   In the area around Garber Square (Godwin & W. Ridgewood Ave) no one is taking care of the bushes that are obstructing the view.

o   Could we redesign the length of the crosswalks -bike lane area?

o   Could a sub-committee be formed to discuss the bump-outs?  Jordan suggested a joint subcommittee between CSAC and CBDAC.


-      Train Station Pedestrian Tunnel Subcommittee  -- Jeanne

o   Jeanne is very excited about the 23 submissions of artists who responded and who want to get involved with the tunnel design.  Art teachers, high school students, and people from the community are very enthusiastic.

o   The Ridgewood Arts Foundation is very involved in making this project happen.

o   The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approval is needed for the artwork (the tunnel is from 1913).            



-      Prioritizing the Master Plan Downtown Recommendations.

o   Steve Aspero and Jordan Kauffman prepared a letter for CBDAC’s review before presentation to the Village Council. It outlines our top five recommendations to prioritize in the Master Plan.  Jordan briefly reviewed with us the draft letter.  If we implement these five crucial recommendations, we can reclaim our status as the best downtown in Bergen County.  Send any modifications to Steve Aspero and Jordan. The deadline to alter the letter’s recommendations is February 15th, midnight. 

o   Chief Jacqueline Luthcke announced her retirement from the Ridgewood Police force.  She will still be active until April 28th.  We thanked her for her many years of dedicated service to Ridgewood.

o   Parking: Chief Luthcke presented the Police Department’s proposal to simplify parking downtown.  The basic rule would be, you must pay for parking unless you have a hangtag or a daily pass.  The rate would be $1.25/hour everywhere.  Many voiced their opinions about the solutions.  Should the hours be the same Monday through Saturday?   Is Park Mobile making a difference?  Paul pointed out that parking rates change with every 2 years with the Council.  Simplicity is better.


o   Jeanne brought up that the theme for the pedestrian mall could be One World- highlighting a specific heritage every weekend.  One weekend it could be about Native Americans, another Irish Americans, etc.


o   Jordan introduced Kerry White as the incoming President of Ridgewood Newcomers. He would like Newcomers to communicate with the Chamber and the Guild about bringing in more volunteers and learn more about the organizations who are involved in the town.


New or Old Business       Kathryn is planning a CBDAC field trip to Westfield so that we can learn from their SID and from their operating procedures.  If you are interested in joining, let her know.  The date is to be announced.


   Next CBDAC meeting is on March 9, 2023 (via Zoom)


Respectfully submitted by Trish Manzo


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