Central Business District Advisory Committee


October 29, 2020


Committee Members in Attendance: Rob DeCalzo, Kathryn Schmidt, Jordan Kaufman, Councilwoman Pamela Perron, Chief Jacqueline Luthcke, Michael Pickholz, Anastasia Bamberg, Michael Velicu, Gary Kolesaire


Other members of the public: Joan Groome, Paul Vagianos, Stacy Tsapatsaris, Jeanne Johnson


Grab & Go: Cost of spots is $1500 for 6 months and may be sponsored by businesses, individuals, or other organizations. Payments are due by November 5.  


Hudson Street Garage:  Soft opening occurs on October 29 and then the ribbon-cutting on November 6 at 4:00. Anastasia Bamberg created a flyer to announce the opening. Members are asked to provide feedback.


Councilwoman Perron congratulated Michael Pickholz on his appointment to the Board of Adjustment.


“Welcome to Ridgewood” Marketing Package:  The Village Council was not enthusiastic about the project to market the CBD to prospective CBD residents and declined to fund the project.


Pedestrian Mall in the Winter: No decision has been made yet about continuing the pedestrian mall during cold weather.  Paul Vagianos will be speaking to the restaurants.  There is currently a proposal in the governor’s office regarding outdoor heating regulations.  This further underscores the importance of Grab and Go parking during the winter months.


The West Village is planning a holiday gift market to be set up in Wilsey Square similar to the market at Bryant Park. 


Residents think the Village is sponsoring many of the current and ongoing initiatives (Pedestrian Mall, Grab and Go Spaces, West Village Octoberfest, 4th of July Celebration, Downtown for the Holidays, and more) but in fact these are all privately funded. There is some sentiment that it is best for government to “keep out” and that these projects work best when volunteers manage them.  At the same time there is sentiment that the Village could help fund some of these initiatives.  At the least the Village needs to champion its volunteers.


Business Improvement District (BID):  There was considerable discussion about how and whether to proceed with a BID. It was agreed that the CBDAC would proceed with research.   CBDAC members are asked to add to the list of BID pros and cons that have already been circulated.  Among other ideas raised:

  • Much has changed since the last time a BID was reviewed including the parking garage and high-density housing in the CBD.
  • An anchor store in the CBD could be important./Are anchor stores important to the CBD?
  • Anchor stores view BIDs as positive.
  • BID may make it too expensive for landlords or businesses.
  • Government may complicate things with a BID; might be better to rely on volunteerism.
  • How do we raise funds without a BID?
  • Need to create an inventory of the current state: what is currently done by who and how can a BID fill the gap?
  • We need to create a “Landlord Community.”
  • Perception that Ridgewood is a difficult community in which to do business.
  • Are there any NJ “sister towns” that do not have a BID?


Respectfully submitted


Kathryn Schmidt

November 10, 2020

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Central Business District Advisory Committee


June 25, 2020


In attendance: Councilman Ramon Hache, Paul Vagianos, Bill Gilsenan , Jordan Kaufman, Pam Perron, MJ Shinozuka, Chief Luthcke, Lorraine Reynolds, Michael Pickholz, Gary Kolesaire, Philip Davis, Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Velicu


Jordan Kaufman called the meeting to order and highlighted items on the agenda including curbside delivery and the newly created weekend outdoor pedestrian mall .


Ramon Hache shared a parting message given his move off the Village Council and the CBDAC, thanking the committee for their work and highlighting some of the history and lessons learned throughout his 4 years chairing the group.  He cited the importance of funding to implement ideas, and recommended that the current focus should be on engaging residents to support the downtown businesses.    One of the avenues for this is to highlight the importance of the downtown businesses to funding and underwriting events in the village, whether youth sporting events or the 4th of July fireworks.  Likewise, in these tough economic times, how can the village find ways to make it easier for businesses to operate.   He recommended that the CBDAC become even more focused and targeted.


Pam Perron, recently elected to the Village Council, introduced herself as the new Council Liaison to the CBDAC.  Pam gave a brief introduction of herself , thanked Ramon for his leadership, and outlined a number of ways she hoped to work with the CBDAC including strengthening relationships through one-on-one meetings, helping with outreach to businesses, and being a conduit to the Village Council to represent the CBDAC’s ideas.


CBD Curbside Pick-up. There was significant discussion regarding curbside pick-up. Key points included:

  • A new business model has emerged through and post-pandemic which has allowed many ideas that were posited in the past, such as closing the streets for a pedestrian mall and curbside pick-up, to be implemented quickly. 
  • Residents and other customers like curbside pick-up and would not want to see it go away as the town reopens. 
  • Until there is a vaccine, and regardless of whether businesses begin to open for in-person  sales, many customers will not feel safe and will continue to look for contactless service.
  • Loading zones could be used as pick up points,
  • Curbside pick can create traffic back-ups with double parking ,and be logistically difficult for the police to manage. 
  • Curbside pick-up, in a more open environment, can have safety ramifications.
  • Curbside pickup has gone up significantly and has been important to businesses. It may be difficult for businesses to give this up.
  • More 15- and 30-minute parking meters may be an alternative or parallel solution.
  • Curbside pick-ups reduce parking revenue.
  • Fewer commuters may open up other parking solutions.



A small sub-group will put a proposal together for review by the CBDAC and then to present to the Village Council.  Members who would like to be part of that sub-group should submit their names to Jordan Kaufman or Kathryn Schmidt.


Structure of the CBDAC. A number of recommendations were made to improve the operation of the CBDAC including the following:


  • Designate a chair/co-chair who are not members of the Village Council.
  • Ensure a process for “formal” and regular communication between the  VC and the CBDAC.
  • Allow members to nominate other individuals for membership in the CBDAC and/or for leadership roles.  Nominations should be sent to Pam Perron.  (Ramon clarified that the current selection process is that the Council Liaison and the Mayor recommend committee members to the full Council.  The names are then presented to the public at a Council meeting and if there are objections they can be voiced at that time.)
  • Meet more frequently.
  • Establish sub-groups as needed to take a deeper dive into topics outside of the regular CBDAC meeting.
  • Ensure that residents, not just business owners, attend Chamber meetings to represent the customer perspective.
  • Ensure that all current members are still willing and interested in continuing on the committee.


Next Steps.  The committee will focus on curbside pick-up and CBDAC structural issue in preparation for the next meeting.


No other business was presented.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathryn Schmidt

June 25, 2020









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OCTOBER 11, 2019



In Attendance: Mayor Hache, Gary Kolesaire , Bill Gilsenan, Jordan Kaufman ,Max Viola


September Minutes not available-Mayor Hache Introduced the 2 new members- Max Viola of Pearl Restaurant and Jordan Kaufman as a resident member



  • Max Viola stated that his restaurant business is down by 50% due to the construction of the parking garage.
  • UPS Store cannot do loading zone due to presence of fire hydrant and proximity of cross walk. 
  • There are loading zones at the intersection of N. Broad and ERA and the intersection of Chestnut St and ERA. 
  • Village converted a parking space in front of SCRATCH to 15 minute parking as an alternative to a formal loading zone.
  • Access to private rear parking lot from South Broad St will be via the driveway adjacent to Pearl Restaurant. This driveway must remain closed until the completion of footings for the parking garage.
  • Will investigate the placing an electric billboard at head of ERA directing shoppers parking to either the Walnut Street lot or the Train Station lot.



  • Delivery of pre-assembly slabs will be on Hudson St.
  • Cranes will be set up on Hudson St which will be required to be closed for a week.
  • Completion of garage is scheduled for June of 2020
  • Commuter passes will be increased by $25
  • Employees  passes will be increased by $5
  • All meters will be increased to $1.25
  • Cost of Garage and all lots should be less than the on-street parking.
  • All meters will be removed and entire town will be  serviced by kiosks
  • 3 of 4 levels will be for permitted users, commenters and employees



  • Website for the CBD is in progress, review of the first draft required numerous changes
  • There will be a directory for all the businesses in the Village.



  • Consider Replacing some  meters with bike racks.
  • Garage will have a designated location for approximately 30 bikes. 
  • Build bike pod on North Broad St adjacent to Taxi Stand


CBDAC must generate a list of items to improve CBD and submit to Council for inclusion in the next budget.

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Central Business District Advisor Committee Minutes
March 21, 2019
In attendance: Michael Velicu, Philip Davis, Michael Pickholz, Mary Jane Shinozuka, Kathryn Schmidt, Lorraine Reynolds, Councilman Ramon Hache
Absent: Chris Rustishauser, Chief Luthcke, Gary Kolesaire, Bill Gilsenan, Amy Borque. Gail McCarthy
The minutes from February 14 were circulated for approval.
Council Hache updated the group on recent legislation that has been passed:
• Outdoor Café Dining including setbacks, clearance, umbrella height, barrier height
• Salons and Cosmetologists including annual local inspections and advisement
There was significant conversation among the group, both pro and con, on the ramifications and impact of these regulations on both business owners and customers of these establishments and the CBD.  
Website Update: Michael and Gail followed up on recent bids and made a recommendation. Fine-tuning of and comparison of deliverables among vendors is still underway.
Van Neste Lighting Project: Philip Davis updated the group on the status of the project and requested that the Village use the installation, expected by June, as an opportunity to promote the Village in a significant way. Once completed, the lighting and audio enhancements to the park will enable additional events to be s that can draw residents and non-residents to the CBD.
This led to additional discussion and debate on the following:
• The Village does not do a good job of promoting itself when there is news to share, i.e. free parking on Saturdays during holiday season, upcoming 125th anniversary.
• A PR/marketing firm could help get our message out more effectively.  Towns like Westfield and Red Bank appear to be able to fund such support.
• The value of the CBD to contribute to the tax base of the village is not well communicated to residents. 
• No celebratory events or announcements seem to be underway for this year’s 125thanniversary of Ridgewood.  Will we have time to do this justice and capitalize on this milestone?
The garage construction has been slightly delayed due to a construction material deficit.
The process for enforcement of ordinances was debated as there is a perception that some businesses are constantly receiving summonses or receiving summonses without time to address the issue, while others are allowed to remain out of compliance for long periods of time.  The committee recommends that the enforcement process consist of 1) a warning, and if no redress within a designated timeframe, then 2) a summons, and if no redress within a designated timeframe, then, 3) revocation of the business’ license.
It was requested that the following items be included in the next CBDAC meeting:
• Establishment of a Van Neste Park Committee
• PR/Marketing for the Village
• 2% allocation for CBD improvements
• Attendance at CBDAC meetings
• Better utilization of office space in the Village
• Mandate and objectives of the CBDAC
Submitted by,
Kathryn Schmidt
April 2, 2019
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Central Business District Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2019

In attendance: Ramon Hache, Gary Kolesaire, Chief Jaqueline Luthcke, Michael Pickholz, MJ Shinozuka
Absent: Chris Rutishauser, Philip Davis, Bill Gilsenan, Lorraine Reynolds, Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Velicu
Business Improvement Districts: 
• Presentation by Patrice Foresman (Executive Director, Hackensack Main Street Business Alliance)
Patrice provided an overview of how BIDs function. Municipalities set up BIDs to promote investment and stimulus to specific districts, typically central business districts. BIDs are created as an independent board under the leadership of an Executive Director. The ED is a paid position. The BID conducts an assessment based on various factors including the current condition, infrastructure, tenant mix, and zoning of the district. The BID will then make a recommendation to the municipality of the necessary changes and policies to be implemented to drive investment and commercial activity. Most importantly, the BID will actively market the district and, in turn, seek the appropriate commercial tenants and investments. 
CBD Website

• Presentation by Omar Kozarsky (Creative Director, Bower Web Solutions)
After a second round of RFPs, the Village awarded the contract for the development of the CBD website to Bower Web Solutions. Omar briefly walked us through the scope of the project and received input from the Committee.
Respectfully submitted,
Ramon M. Hache, Sr.
August 8, 2019
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