Zoning Board of Adjustment 20190122 Minutes



Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 22, 2019


The regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment of the Village of Ridgewood was called to order at 7:40 p.m.

Oath of Office was taken by Matthew Bandelt, Alternate #2 Board member.


Present:       Sergio Alegre, Greg Brown, Diana Ruhl, Alyssa Matthews, Ines Bunza, and Matthew Bandelt. Also present were Bruce Whitaker, Esq., Board Attorney and Jane Wondergem, Board Secretary.


Absent:        Gary Negrycz, Jonathan Papietro, Isaac Lebow

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of October 23, 2018; November 11, 2018; November 27, 2018 and December 11, 2018 were adopted as presented.


Non-agenda items:

         Board member comments: There were no comments at this time.

        Members of the public comments: There were no comments at this time.

Resolution memorialization:      The following resolutions were memorialized:

-        Daniels, 168 Kemah Road

-        LoGrasso, 548 Barnett Place

Public hearings


Chairman Alegre announced the following:

          BORROUGHS POOLE LLC was carried to March 12, 2019 without further notice.

          309 WESTGATE ASSOCIATES, LLC, 309 Westgate Road, was carried to March 26, 2019 without further notice.

          JASON & SARAH HARINSTEIN, 310 Heights Road, was carried to February 11, 2019 without further notice.

Old Business:


BRYAN KOZLOWSKI – An application to permit the construction of an expanded entry foyer and covered porch which will result in a front yard setback of 36.3 feet, where 45 feet is required; coverage by above-grade structures of 20.56%, where 20% is required and gross building area of 35.9%/3,115 square feet, where 34%/2,950 square feet is permitted at 159 Hampton Place, Block 3603, Lot 6, in the R-2 Zone. (Continued from January 8, 2019) Joseph Bruno, architect, was previously sworn and responded to the Board’s request from the previous meeting to obtain an as-built survey, explaining that there was none as the town does not always require that. Mr. Bruno did obtain a pdf of the plans from 2015 and compared the numbers to his own explaining where the discrepancies were. Mr. Bruno testified regarding what was being proposed and described the photos which were submitted at the previous meeting. Board members asked about reducing the variance by only adding the entry way. Mr. Kozlowski described the existing floor plan and explained the hardship from a functional perspective. Mr. Bruno explained the hardship in regards to undersize lot and the required 45 foot front yard setback. There were no questions or comments from the public. Mr. Bruno made closing remarks. Following Board deliberation Ms. Bunza made a motion to approve, Ms. Ruhl seconded and all eligible members voted yes to approve the application.


New Business:


ASK PROPERTY GROUP, LLC – An application to permit the construction of a second story addition, patio and covered portico which will result in a front yard setback of 27.3 feet to the second story addition and 23.3 feet to the portico, where 40 feet is required and a rear yard setback of 15.8 feet, where 30 feet is required at 484 Berkshire Road, Block 4607, Lot 1, in the R-2 Zone. Chairman Alegre and Ms. Ruhl recused themselves from his application and left the meeting. David Rutherford, Esq., entered his appearance on behalf of the applicant and made introductory remarks explaining that the subject property is a corner lot and no coverage variances are being sought. He described the existing conditions and the variances being requested. Mr. Whitaker clarified the required setbacks. Edwin Sherman was sworn and his credentials as a licensed architect accepted. Mr. Sherman testified regarding his drawings, a two page plan revised to September 22, 2018. Mr. Sherman described the existing conditions and the architectural style of the home. Mr. Sherman testified as to what was being proposed, explaining that the footprint would remain the same except for the front entrance and the cantilever. Mr. Sherman stated that the improvements were similar to other renovated homes in the neighborhood. Board members asked about a garage. Mr. Whitaker said that if there was no garage existing then none is required. There were no questions or comments from the public. The hearing was closed. Following Board deliberation Ms. Matthews made a motion to approve, Ms. Bunza seconded, and all eligible members voted yes to approve the application.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Jane Wondergem, Board Secretary

Date Approved:       February 11, 2019

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