Changes to Interim Permit Parking Spaces

Based on surveys done by the Ridgewood Police Department of the usage of the interim parking permit spaces, both during the day and into the evening, the Village will be restoring some of the interim parking spaces to 3-hour meters.  The interim parking spaces being restored to meters are the spaces on Dayton Street by the park and the spaces on the one block of South Broad Street that has the dry cleaner and restaurants.  This will provide additional parking for the holiday season for shoppers and diners.

Those with interim parking space permits, who used to park in the locations delineated above will use the interim parking spaces which remain.  The remaining interim parking spaces are in the following locations:

In addition, the interim parking spaces will exclude Sundays and Federal holidays.  On those days, the meters are not in effect, which means that those with interim parking permits may park in any parking space.