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Information - Athletics and Facilities

Athletics and Facilities

Athletic Fields and Recreational Facilities Use Policy This policy has been developed by the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board with input from the Ridgewood Sports Council and its members, the Parks and Recreation Department staff, Ridgewood High School (RHS) Athletic Director, RHS Coaches Association and its members, Board of Education staff, Ridgewood Community School (RCS) staff, additional regular field and facility users and the public.

This policy has been adopted by the Village Council and by the Board of Education as a uniform policy governing use and users of municipal and school recreational facilities. This policy is subject to ordinances of the Village of Ridgewood, Policies and Procedures of the Board of Education (in particular 3515.2 and 3515.3) and the laws of the State of New Jersey.

The policy is a comprehensive re-evaluation and re-statement of a policy originally adopted in the early 1980's and modified in part over the years. Current demand for use and availability of programs has more than doubled. 

Athletic Fields and Recreational Facilities Use Policy

Athletic Fields and Recreational Facilities Permit Application

Field Schedule - Fall 2018

Sponsoring sport organizations are responsible for permit applications which should be submitted to Ridgewood Parks and Recreation. All applications will go before the co-chairs of the Field Committee for approval and field assignment. Approval will be provided in writing to the sponsoring organization and the camp owner. Please call the Recreation Office at 201-670-5560, or email with questions or if further information is needed. Download the forms below.

Sports Camp Permit Request

Ridgewood Parks and Recreation welcomes all co-sponsored sport groups and municipal agencies, boards and committees to use the mobile concession unit throughout the year. Rules and regulations as well as the fee schedule, application form and hold harmless waiver can be found in the link below.

Mobile Concession Usage Forms/Rules and Regulations

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