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The Work Zone Cam will update every 30 minutes with a new image.  You can play back a time lapse video of archived photos by pressing the play button.  At the end of the project, a full video will be made available on the Ridgewood Website

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MISSION STATEMENT The Village of Ridgewood Building Department ensures the safe and lawful use of buildings and properties by enforcing the provisions of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code and local Zoning Regulations. We facilitate compliant development with integrity, efficiency and professionalism. We are committed to providing quality services to all citizens through innovation, continuous improvement, determination and excellence in customer service. VISION STATEMENT The Village of Ridgewood Building Department is committed to becoming a premier municipal building organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all and making our village safer. We are committed to improving our performance and developing procedures that are streamlined, understandable and transparent.

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Mayor Ramon Hache Email: rhache@ridgewoodnj.net Boards and Committee: Council Representative to the Field Committee of the Village of Ridgewood Council Representative to the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board Council Representative to the Central Business District Advisory Committee Village of Ridgewood's Representative to the Bergen County League of Municipalities

Hudson Parking Garage

Zabriskie-Schedler House and Property

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Welcome to the Stormwater Management website.

The "Plans" below and supporting ordinances outline specific stormwater design and performance standards for new development and redevelopment in the Village.  Preventative and corrective maintenance strategies are also presented in the plans to ensure long-term effectiveness of stormwater management facilities.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 2015

Stormwater Management Plan 2006

Ridgewood Stormwater Tax Maps

Poster for Pet Waste

Stormwater Management Ordinances

Ordinance 2962 Improper Disposal of Waste into Storm Drains

Ordinance 2963 Littering

Ordinance 2964 Pet Waste

Ordinance 2965 Wildlife Feeding

Ordinance 2968 Yard Waste

Ordinance 3035 Stormwater Management and Flood Protection

Ordinance 3200 Fertilizer Application

Ordinance 3206 Refuse Containers and Dumpsters

Ordinance 3225 Steep Slopes and Riparian Zones



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If you have any trouble with accessing information contained within this website, please contact Dylan Hansen - 201-670-5500 x276 or by email dhansen@ridgewoodnj.net.