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Voting Results



->#3489 Intro AH-2 Zone
->#3490 Intro B-3-R Zone
->#3491 Intro C-R Zone
->#3492 Intro C Zone
->#3493 Intro General Shared Provisions

->AH-2 Zone Resolution
->B-3-R Resolution
->C-R Resolution
->C Zone Resolution

December 3, 2013 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
January 7, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
February 4, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
March 4, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
April 1, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
May 6, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
June 3, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
July 15, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
September 16,2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
November 17, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
December 16, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
August 19, 2014 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
January 13, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
January 29, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
February 3, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
February 19, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
March 17, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
May 5, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing
June 2, 2015 - Master Plan - Public Hearing

Board Exhibits
->Exhibit B-1, Proposed Amendment to Land Use Element of Master Plan, December 2013
->Exhibit B-2, Certification of Compliance re Notice
->Exhibit B-3, Map Exhibit CBD Multifamily Housing Hearing, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit B-4, AH 2 Zone Standards Table, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit B-5, R Zone Standards Table, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit B-6, C-R Zone Standards Table, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit B-7, C Zone Standards Table, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit B-8, Ridgewood Multi-Family Housing Trip Generations, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-9, John Jahr Project Summary, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-10, Traffic Letter Report for Dayton, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-11, Traffic Letter Report for Chestnut Village, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-12, Traffic Letter Report for Enclave, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-13, John Jahr School Route Evaluation, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-14, Ridgewood As-of-Right Land Use, August 5, 2014
->Exhibit B-15, Planner Proposed Land Use Plan Amendment, October 31, 2014
->Exhibit B-16A - 16D, Table of School Enrollment, January 6, 2015
->Exhibit B-17 - Notice Sent on April 22, 2015
->Exhibit B-18 - Revised Amendment, April 21, 2015

Dayton Exhibits
->Exhibit D-1, Dayton Elevation, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit D-2, Dayton Street Perspective, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit D-3, Steck Planning Report, December 26, 2013
->Exhibit D-4, P. Steck Power Point, February 4, 2014
->Exhibit D-5, Steck Supplemental Review, April 1, 2014
->Exhibit D-6, Appel PowerPoint Presentation, April 1, 2014
->Exhibit D-7, Langan Engineering Traffic Evaluation, November 22, 2011
->Exhibit D-8, Langan Engineering Traffic Evaluation Addendum, September 11, 2012
->Exhibit D-9, Aerial Photo of Site and Vicinity, June 3, 2014
->Exhibit D-10, The Dayton Trip Generation Comparison Chart, June 3, 2014
->Exhibit D-11, Issues and Factors Concerning Multifamily Housing in CBD, January 6, 2015
->Exhibit D-12, Analysis of School Kids at Projects, January 16, 2015
->Exhibit D-13, Rental Properties Under List, January 5, 2015

Chestnut Village Exhibits
->Exhibit CV-1, Chestnut Village Elevation, December 3, 2013
->Exhibit CV-2, Burgis Planning Report Two Forty Associates, December 20, 2013
->Exhibit CV-3, Burgis Power Point, January 7, 2014
->Exhibit CV-4, Burgis Power Point, February 4, 2014
->Exhibit CV-5, Wells Power Point Presentation, April 1, 2014
->Exhibit CV-6, McDonough & Rea Traffic Report, June 3, 2014
->Exhibit CV-7, Trip Generation Comparison, June 3, 2014

Enclave Exhibits
->Exhibit E-1, Burgis Planning Report 257 Ridgewood Avenue, LLC, February 4, 2014
->Exhibit E-2, Burgis Power Point, February 4, 2014
->Exhibit E-3, Minno & Wasko Enclave, May 6, 2014
->Exhibit E-4, Omland Enginneering Traffic Assessment, June 3, 2014
->Exhibit E-5A-5D, traffic Power Point, June 2, 2014

Ridgewood Agency Exhibits
->Exhibit RA-1, Ridgewood Water Report, February 4, 2014
->Exhibit RA-2, Open Space Memorandum to the Planning Board, July 2014
->Exhibit RA-2A, Open Space Committee Statement, July 2013

Citizens for a Better Ridgewood
->Exhibit CBR-1, Bogart Report "Planning Analysis of the Master Plan Amendments in Connection with Specific Rezoning for Three Sites", March 4, 2014
->Exhibit CBR-2, Study of Opportunities and Constraints for Additional Multi-family Housing in CBD, September 18, 2012

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Updated Schedler Grant Application Click Here

For the Bergen County response regarding the Schedler Grant Click Here

Below are the Site Development Plans prepared by the Ridgewood Engineering Department.

Click Here for Part 1A
Click Here for part 2B
Click Here for Part 3 C, D, E

Maps - Revisions
Schedler Map Rev 8 - October 7, 2015

Info Click Here for the Schedler Park and House Grant Timeline - as reported by the Village Manager at the September 16, 2015 Village Council Public Meeting. Wednesday, August 12th the Village Council discussed the use of the Schedler property.

They voted on the following resolutions:
Click Here for Schedler Property Resolution including House Click Here for Resolution to apply for Schedler House Grant

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Parking Referendum Guide

Sample Ballot for Special Referendum Election on June 21, 2016

March 23rd Ordinance Unanimously Adopted by the Village Council

Revised Hudson Street Deck Rendering – 3/18/2016

View 3 West on Hudson St final 

Memo from Bond Counsel on Necessity of Special Election

Walker -Initial Allocation Study for Hudson Street Deck - Click Here


Maser Traffic Impact Study - Click Here


Hudson St deck renderings - (Click on Picture to Enlarge)

View 2 Looking North on South Broad Street copy

Looking North on South Broad Street

View 3 Looking West on Hudson Street

Looking West on Hudson Street

View 4 Looking South on Broad copy

Looking South on Broad


2.29.16 Revised Deck By the Numbers

43’  to the Roof Line

46’ 9” to Highest Parapet

60’ 10” – Tower

104’ 8” – Width

Parking Capacity – 325


Compared to Previous “A”

49’ 2” to Parapet

68’ 4” – Tower

123’ Width

Parking Capacity - 405



Hudson Street Parking Deck (without Promenade/325 spaces) - Revised February 4, 2016

Click Here

BCIA Ridgewood Parking Financial Summary

This document produced by BCIA Professionals contrasts BCIA County Guaranteed Financing with Village of Ridgewood Stand Alone Financing for debt associated with the Parking Deck Project.  Please note that the estimated differential between the two scenarios has changed since last week, due to changes in BCIA issuance costs amended by the BCIA on Friday, January 29, 2016.  Now, there is an estimated differential of $22,248 which averages less than $900 per year. Click Here for the document.

Walker Analysis for 325 Car Garage - Revised

Click Here

Desman Hudson Street Deck Drawings - 1/29/2016

These drawings represent the site plan, floor plan & building sections for the revised design of the Deck at Hudson Street.  This Deck design was first considered in October 2015.  There will be 325 parking spots.  The height to the roof is approx. 43' and 46' 8" to the parapet. Click Here for Drawings

News Stories About Possible Ridgewood / Bergen County Partnership

Bergen County May Join in Search for Parking Solution in Ridgewood -- December 2013

Ridgewood, Bergen County Officials Strategize Over Parking Issue -- December 2013

Partnership with County Explored for Downtown Parking Garage -- December 2013

Ridgewood, Bergen County Moving on Plans for Parking Garage -- February 2014

Parking Solutions Sought as Former Bank Building in Ridgewood Gets New Tenant -- September 2014

Bergen County Freeholders Agree to Fund Parking Study for Ridgewood -- October 2014

Bergen, Ridgewood Target Parking -- October 2014

Hoping for a Parking Garage, Ridgewood to Survey Hudson Street Lot -- November 2014

Ridgewood Adjusts Parking Rates, Plans to Create Spaces -- February 2015

Votes Fall Short for Ridgewood Parking Garage Ordinance -- January 2016

Ridgewood Looking Into Agreement with Bergen County Improvement Authority -- January 2016

Walker Analysis for 300 Car Garage

Click Here

Traffic Study for Hudson Street Parking Deck

Click Here

Photo simulations from various perspectives of proposed Hudson Street Parking Deck

Click Here

Comparison of proposed parking deck heights to other Village buildings.

Click Here

Message from the Village Manager

Design Update


Official Parking Referendum Question

Community Support
President of the Chamber of Commerce statement

Financial Advisory Committee Statement

Historic Preservation Commission Statement

Study,Design, and Analysis

Walker Parking Preliminary Financial Analysis - October 2, 2015

Walker Parking Consultant Study - July 5th, 2015

Walker Parking Floor Plans


Resolution 15-222 : Non-Binding Referendum - Nov 3, 2015 Ballot

Resolution 15-303 : Desman, Inc.

Resolution 16-31 : Desman, Inc


Ordinance 3480



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