Social Security Information Available On Line

My Social Security is a free, online service provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) through which people who currently receive a monthly Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit may obtain proof of income without having to visit their local Social Security office or call our national toll-free number. My Social Security also is the site where people age 18 and older who have a work history may check their annual Social Security earnings. Previously, Social Security mailed an annual Social Security earnings statement to workers age 25 and older, however, due to budget constraints, they stopped those mailings. Now the information is available online through My Social Security.

Anyone who has paid into Social Security can visit to register today. To create a My Social Security account, participants must provide some personal information about themselves and answer questions that only they are likely to know. SSA adopted these requirements to ensure that only authorized people are setting up a My Social Security account. Participants will, then, create a unique username and password to be used to access their online account. The process protects user privacy and keeps your personal Social Security information safe and secure.

For more information, interested parties can access a fact sheet at, How to Create an Online Account (Publication Number 05-10540, ICN 459261, dd. March 2013). spacer image
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