20190424 Village Council Work Session




7:30 P.M.


1.         7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor

2.         Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act

            Mayor: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin    board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission      to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and          time of this meeting.”

3.         Roll Call – Village Clerk                                                                                                       

4.         Flag Salute/Moment of Silence

5.         Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person - 40 Minutes in Total)      

6.         Manager’s Report

7.         Council Reports

7A.      Discussion


                        1.         Award Contract – Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Program - 2020                                           Ford F250 Pickup – Traffic & Signal Division

                        2.         Authorize Joining GSA Federal Acquisition Service

8.         Motion to Suspend Work Session and Convene Special Public Meeting

9.         Special Public Meeting – See Attached Agenda

10.       Motion to Adjourn Special Public Meeting and Reconvene Work Session

11.       Discussion

            a.         Ridgewood Water  

                        1.         Award Professional Services Contract – Pubic Policy Consultant

                        2.         Next Steps on Elks Club

                        3.         Award Contract – National Co-Op Pricing System-Sourcewell -                                                      Maintenance Agreement for Various Generators

                        4.         Award Additional Contract – Servicing and Repairing of Potable Water                                         Pumping Facilities

                        5.         Award Change Order – Laboratory Analysis Services

                        6.         Award Contract – North Jersey Wastewater Co-Op Pricing System –                                              Maintenance of Pumps and Motors   

                        7.         Award Contract – Eastside Reservoir Site Improvements

                        8.         Award Professional Services Contract – Change Order No. 2 – Booster                                          Transfer Station         

            b.         Parking

            1.         Hudson Street Parking Garage

            2.         Parking Meter Increase and Parking Permit Fees

            c.         Budget

                        1.         Award Contract – Time Reporting System

                        2.         2018 Annual Audit and Corrective Action Plan

                        3.         Award Sole Source Contract – All Terrain Vehicle – Emergency Services

                        4.         Award Professional Services Contract – Historical Architectural Services

                                    - Restoration of Taxi Stand

                        5.         Sale of Compost – Lakeview Compost Facility

                        6.         Award Change Order – Resurfacing of Tennis Courts at Glen School

                        7.         Award Contract – Snow Plowing Services

                        8.         Award Sole Source Contract – SCADA Hardware and Software – Sanitary                                    Sewer Pump Stations

                        9.         Award Contract – Furnishing and Delivering of Sodium Bisulfite Solution                                                 and Sodium Hypochlorite Solution – Water Pollution Control Facility

                        10.       Award Sole Source Contract – Vinyl Rollup Mesh Doors – Salt Shed,                                            Streets Division

                        11.       Award Contract – Laboratory Analysis Services – Water Pollution Control                                    Facility and Parks and Recreation Division (Graydon Pool)

                        12.       Award Contract – Garage Doors – Fleet and Sanitation

                        13.       Correction of Resolution to Award State Purchasing Contract – Two 2019                                     Chevrolet Tahoes – Police Department

                        14.       Award Contract – Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Co-Op Pricing                                         System - Installation of Sewage Transfer Pumps at Andover Pump Station

                        15.       Award Contract – National Co-Op Purchasing Agreement- Catch Basin                                         Clean Truck

                        16.       Award Contract – 2020 Village Calendar

                        17.       Award Contract – Special Inspections – Hudson Street Garage

                        18.       Renewal of Estate Card Agreement

d.         Policy             

            1.         Stop Signs at Collingwood Place and Fairway road

            2.         Graydon Pool 2020 Summer Season

            3.         Proposed Ordinance to Amend Chapter 190 – Driveways

            4.         Ordinance #3741 – Window Displays

            5.         Discussion of Redevelopment Zone for Block 3905, Lot 12, South Broad                           Street

e.         Operations                              

            1.         Acceptance of Grant – Zabriskie-Schedler House Phase III

            2.         Report on Sugar Maple Tree at Schedler Property

12.       Review of September 11, 2019 Public Meeting Agenda

13.       Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person)

14.       Closed Session

            A. Legal – Hudson Street Parking Garage – Surrounding Property Owners, PSE&G Claim

15.       Adjournment


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