20190605 - Village Council's Public Workshop Agenda



JUNE 5, 2019

7:30 P.M.


1.         7:30 pm – Call to Order – Mayor

2.         Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meeting Act

            Mayor: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by a posting on the bulletin    board in Village Hall, by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission      to all persons entitled to same as provided by law of a schedule including the date and          time of this meeting.”

3.         Roll Call – Village Clerk                                                                                                       

4.         Flag Salute/Moment of Silence

5.         Public Comments (Not to Exceed 3 Minutes per Person - 40 Minutes in Total)      

6.         Manager’s Report

7.         Council Reports         

8.         Discussion

            a.         Ridgewood Water


            b.         Parking

                        1.         Parking on Sherman Place     

                        2.         Monte Vista Avenue Parking Restrictions

            c.         Budget

                        1.         Award Contract – National Cooperative Agreement – Caterpillar Backhoe            

                                    Signal and Water Pollution Control Divisions

                        2.         Award Contract – Cooperative Purchasing Agreement – 2020 Fire Pumper

                        3.         Authorize Online Auction Service – Sourcewell

                        4.         Award Professional Services Contract – Certified Lake Manager

                        5.         Award Contract – National Cooperative Purchasing Agreement – Roll-Off                                     Truck with Salter – Street Division

                        6.         Award Contract - Disposal of Grass Clippings

                        7.         Award Contract – Selective Clearing for Berm Construction at Schedler                                         Property

d.         Policy  

            1.         Guidelines for Use of Flagpole in Public Forum Space

            2.         Amending Chapter 190 Land Use Development – Illuminated Signs in                               Business District and Extend Suspension of Ordinance for Certain                                      Illuminated Signs in Central Business District

e.         Operations

            1.         Authorize Access to North Walnut Street Parking Lot – Monitoring Wells

            2.         North Walnut Street Traffic Calming

            3.         Alternate Court Administrator

            4.         Ordinance to Adopt New FEMA/FIRM Maps

            5.         2020 Village Calendar Theme

9.         Review of June 12, 2019 Public Meeting Agenda

10.       Public Comments (Not to Exceed 5 Minutes per Person)     

11.       Closed Session

            A.        Legal – Chestnut Village

            B.        Personnel – Village Manager’s Office, Municipal Court, Boards and Committees –                           Village Council Appointments

12.       Adjournment

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