Citizen Safety Committee

Make recommendations to the Council on issues concerning pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety on all roads and thoroughfares located in the Village including the use of parks and open space whether owned by the Village of other governmental entity.  To promote awareness of and education on questions of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety on the public streets and lands located in the Village aimed at improve the safe travel of all persons within the boundaries of the Village.


Councilman : Jeffrey Voigt   ( Email : )

Ridgewood Board of Education Member - Sheila Brogan

Members of Public : 

 Charles DiMarco  Joyce Docktor  Robert Fuhrman
 Barbara Sacks  Jane Shinozuka  Martin Walker

Advisors :

Christopher Rutishauser - Village Engineer or Designee from Ridgewood Engineering Department

Jacqueline Luthcke - Police Chief or designee from Ridgewood Police Department 

Kelly Buchsbaum - HSA President/ Designee

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