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Upcoming Events

25 Sep 2018 : 07:30PM -
Zoning Board of Adjustment Public Meeting
26 Sep 2018 : 07:30PM -
Village Council Work Session
02 Oct 2018 : 07:30PM -
Ridgewood Arts Council Meeting
02 Oct 2018 : 07:30PM -
Planning Board Work & Public Meeting
09 Oct 2018 : 07:30PM -
Ridgewood Arts Council Meeting

The annual mailing of Property Assessment Notices was completed on January 23th. The information contained in the notice is set by New Jersey Law. A sample notice can be viewed by clicking here. The sole purpose of the mailing is to notify property owners of their assessment for the year and information on the appeal process. They are not statements of taxes paid in the prior year and should not be used for income tax purposes. Please refer to your cancelled checks or year-end mortgage statements/1098 forms mailed by your lending institution for exact taxes paid. Property taxes and payments can also be viewed on line by clicking here.

The information on the card can be viewed by following the steps below:

  1. Click Assmt Records Search in the Assessor Menu
  2. Enter your property information, click Submit Search
  3. Click more info to bring up your record.

Taxes shown on the notices are the original amounts billed.  They do not reflect any changes to your property taxes that may have occurred during the year or any 2018 taxes prepaid in 2017.  

E-NOTICE SIGN-UP: Operational Updates

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