Parks, Recreation and Convervation Board Minutes 20190528

Date:   May 28, 2019
Attendance: Present:  Chair Rich Brooks, Vice Chair Dave Sayles, Liz Kloak, Jean Epiphan and BOE Liaison Jim Morgan
 Absent: Village Council Liaison Ramon Hache, Mary Mogerley, William Riker and Director Nancy Bigos
Also Present: Marge Anderson and Sam Bernstein, Eagle Scout candidate
Public Comment &
Correspondence: None
Minutes: Minutes for March 2019 were approved with motions made by D. Sayles and L. Kloak second motion.  No questions, no changes were made.
PRC Board Member Appointments/Reappointments
Appointments Jean Epiphan was welcomed to the PRC Board tonight.  She is a lifelong resident of Ridgewood, she is employed at Rutgers University and her background is in forestry.
 There is currently one position open on the PRC Board.   
Presentation Eagle Scout Presentation – Sam Bernstein
 Sam is an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 4.  His project is a Parks and Recreation brochure and he is working with N. Bigos, Director of Parks and Recreation to develop it.  “Discovering Ridgewood’s Wildplaces” will be four panels, six topic pamphlet concentrating on the content of each of the parks plants, animals, and wildscapes.  Sam gave a presentation with pictures of the brochure, the content and color usage was discussed.  Graydon/Maple Park, Kings Pond/Gypsy Pond, Irene Habernickel Park, Grove Park, Pleasant Park and Twinney Park will be focused.  The brochures will be available at the Stable and on the Village website.
 The timeframe for completion was discussed.  Sam explained it will take one or two months for design and expects it to be completed by fall.  He has plans to hold a fundraiser at that time to cover the costs.  J. Epiphan suggested doing guided ecological walks for a modest fee.
 The PRC recommended the project go forward and be presented to the Village Council.
Master Plan Our Village, Our Future…Master Plan
 The survey closed in May and tabulation is taking place.
Kings Pond Park Update/Vandalism –
The lower park is awaiting curbing and parking area installation.  A sub-contractor will be scheduled for the Lakeview side of park. Unfortunately, on the upper side of the park, bike trails have been established with jumps and moguls on this side of the park.
This is vandalism as, saplings have been cut, using hatchets randomly and they have dug pits to make berms.  J. Morgan and J. Epiphan suggested setting up cameras for security.
Schedler Property Update
 They are going out to bid for tree removal and installation of berm.
Bergen County
Open Space  Maple Park Lighting/Grant Application/2019
 The application was submitted for Sports Lighting at Maple Park for $145,000.00.
 $140,000.00 will be given by Youth Sports and $275,000.00 from the Village of Ridgewood.  The bottom figure will up $50,000.00 for electric.  The total is $530,000.00.
Community Service Dartmouth Alumni and RHS Wrestling team revamped the lower area nature trails completely at Habernickel.  They picked up trash, wire and removed cement.  It looks amazing.
 Grace Church – Weeded, mulched, repaired fence and pruned shrubs at the EMS Building.  They also weeded and mulched the entrance to Maple Park.  This is their fifth year of service to the Village.
 Bergen County Probation – The group raked and removed leaves and debris from the interior of Graydon Pool, under supervision of Parks staff.
 St. Elizabeth Teen Outreach – Organized youth to work with garden designer to install plants for Wolfson garden and clean up area adjacent to the pond in Habernickel Park. 
Touch a Truck May 16th Event was very well attended from 9 am to 2 pm with young families.  There were crafts and giveaways.
New Business New Ordinance – R. Brooks is concerned about the ordinance for the Community Center.  He feels it isn’t addressing the problem of the homeless itself.  He stated that Bergen County has done a wonderful job working to eliminate this with various programs.  He also fears we will have people living in our parks eventually.  He suggested that training be instituted for the employees of Parks and Recreation for dealing with the homeless.
 R. Brooks also suggested that AED stations (which are connected to 911) be installed throughout the parks in Ridgewood.  He would like to investigate the feasibility of a program similar to the one they have in Mountain Lakes and Summit, where nobody is 90 seconds away from a defibrillator.
Recreation May – June Programs
   Status of Graydon Pool –
Opening Day is June 1st.  Coupons were offered and there are 857 members with revenue at $9487.00 with early discount.
Status of Day Camp – Registration is at 300 for Summer Camp, registration is ongoing until June 10th when a late fee is applied.
New Hire Requirements – Every seasonal employee must have background checks.  There have been 120 investigations.  There are also a lot more time consuming documents.

National Pollinator Week – In collaboration with CRPL, Ridgewood Library and Health Barn for the second year this national celebration will host events in Ridgewood June 16th – 22nd. Wednesday will be Story Time at Ridgewood Library, “Hive to Table” at the Gatehouse at Habernickel and Midsummer Celebration in the Garden at the Stable.
M. Anderson distributed the cards generated for this event.
Aquatics Programs and Meet and Greet – There will be a breakfast on opening day, sponsored by the Community Center.  M. Anderson passed out the promotional materials to all members of the PRC Board.
Liaison Reports Village Council – R. Hache
   No report
 Board of Ed - J. Morgan
 Graduation will occur on June 20th and then they will begin the process of installing the new synthetic field. They will also replace the shotput/javelin pits at Benjamin Franklin.  They are in bad condition but restoration will be limited because of the money expended for the new field at RHS.
Open Space Committee - D. Sayles
Open Space still needs 3 members.
                                   Fields Committee – R. Brooks
• May 8th - Presentation for permanent lighting, 5 light poles with LED at Maple Park to Council
• The anticipation is to have money in place for the lighting by the target date, which is the end of August.  The field will have to be closed 7 – 10 days for construction. 
                                   Shade Tree Commission
 J. Epiphan requested to be the liaison for Shade Tree.
                                   Community Center Advisory Board 
.  L. Kloak offered to be the liaison, replacing R. Lembo’s vacancy
 Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee (REAC) - M. Mogerley
No report
Next Meeting  Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at the Stable, 7:30 pm
Adjournment  9:15 PM
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