Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 9/26/2019

In Attendance: Deanna Schablik, Don Liebreich, Beth Abbott, Jeff Voigt, Cathy Greve, Sheila Brogan, Gwenn Hauck, Helen Leonard
Helen Leonard called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
Minutes from the June meeting were emailed to the group prior to today’s meeting.  Minutes were approved unanimously.
New members will need to be welcomed at the October meeting (High school and middle school representatives were not available for the meeting).
Lisa Garvey was absent.  Deanna Schablik reported an ending balance of $27,691.80 in the Community Center of Ridgewood Foundation Taub account and an ending balance $15,504.85 in The Community Center of Ridgewood Foundation account for September.
Deanna reported that the computers purchased with the generous donation to The Community Center of Ridgewood Foundation have been ordered.  We will be receiving 8 2-in-1 Dell 15” Inspiron laptops and 8 stylus pens to be used at the Community Center for instructional programs and for use by seniors.  The amount of the donation from Columbia Bank was $10,000.00.  The computer cost was $8349, tax exempt.  The remaining funds will be used for software and security measures on each computer. Deanna will be purchasing a mobile locking cart to store the laptops in.  She will be searching for vendors to do the instructional portion of the Digital Art Program; looking to speak to One River School in Allendale.  All CCAB members will be invited to the Village Council Meeting (date to be determined) when Columbia Bank presents the donation.
Middle school principals are working on gathering students to represent the CCAB, as required by the Village through resolution.
Deanna also reported that she received a quote from Abbey Carpets for the metal structural pole coverings in the Anne Zusy Youth Lounge.  The cost would be $1,180.  Additional quotes will be needed.  Kurt from Abbey Carpets mentioned that this will not do much for the “safety” aspect in the room.  “It will still hurt if someone bangs into it.  May be better with cushions like in a gymnasium, and forgo aesthetics”.
The middle school events are approaching; 6th Grade Mixer on October 4th and the 7th/8th Grade Social is November 1st and will feature a mind reader, named Flavian.
Beth Abbott reported that a little bit over 400 people completed the follow-up survey.  Montclair will evaluate the findings and report back at the end of September.
Age-Friendly Ridgewood will be presenting at the 10/23 Village Council Public Meeting.  The next Steering Committee Meeting will be on November 14th.  Age Friendly Ridgewood is in the process of applying for additional Funding.
The Village and Age Friendly Ridgewood are working with New Jersey Future.  A committee was formed by the Village, and will use the Land-Use Report to implement a plan based on issues that are of high priority in the Village in regards to aging friendly.  Ridgewood is the only town, of the five Age Friendly towns, who will be working with New Jersey Future.
The Good Life Wellness Fair was a success.  Age Friendly Ridgewood, The Community Center, Municipal Alliance of Ridgewood and Parks and Recreation all had tables at the event.  Thank you to all of our volunteer s who manned tables that day.
Beth Abbott reported that the Ridgewood Senior Bus event will be on October 2nd (3 seats left for 10am ride) and the 1pm ride is sold out.  The bus will begin at the Graydon Pool parking lot and will make stops at a few of the parks in town.  Nancy Bigos will be on the bus and will give the tour of the parks.  Age Friendly will give out gift bags to all riders.
Next meeting date is 10/24/19
Meeting was adjourned at 6pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Deanna M. Schablik
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Community Center Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes: 5:00-6:00 Thursday, 6.13.2019

In attendance: Don Liebreich, Sheila Brogan, Beth Abbott, Tom Lillis, Miles (new student representative), Cathy Greve, Nancy Friedman, Helen Leonard, Lisa Gar- vey, Janet Fricke, Marge Anderson, Deanna Schablik, Jim Griffiths, Bill Carbone, Jeff Voight
Don Liebreich called the meeting to order.

•Beth Abbott reported on Age Friendly being added to the AARP network.
•The benches at Stop & Shop and Franklin/Broad are in place, and a 3rd at the train station will be placed when the construction is complete. Helen suggested the bus stop at the library might be a good place to add an additional bench. Each bench = $4K.
•Graydon welcome day: 80 in attendance, a great success!
•Running a survey for more data. Deanna announced the survey monkey link at the picnic. 50+ have completed it already. Montclair (who helped with design)will help post survey.
•6/12 the VC approved working with NJ Futures.
•A non-profit has done land use analysis and will look at recommendations and map out next steps.
•New plans with Janet + Billy (driver) to drive the bus: using for 5 nights at Kaschau Shell. Janet is also encouraging folks to use the bus. Secondary to the new bus ride performed, there are new people interested in riding the bus and are now acquainted with it.
•6/25 there will be simple gifts for 1st night with riders.
•This summer: focus on survey [end of June finalize survey; August meet with Montclair; September present findings]. Beth and Sheila meeting with grant funder. Taub holding grantee meeting 6/27 in Ridgewood as 12 (lunch provided in auditorium at the library).
•Jeff suggested encouraging SHARE and Ridgecrest residents to participate.
•Sheila suggested Bill could have postcards to distribute at the library table during sales (4th of July). Bill said to get postcards to Margie Downs or drop directly to the library + add to church bulletins.
Treasurer’s Report:
• 6/30/2018-6/30/2019 = year end tax return due
•Checking account for community center advisory board = $5500
•Checking account for Taub = $44,000.00
•Income consisted of $75K from Taub, $1250 from Valley for the Ashton Applewhite event), $500 from Atlantic Stewardship, or roughly $77,000.00 [*Columbia bought out Atlantic Stewardship but indicated they will continue the tithing program]
•$68,000.00 in expenses (speakers, transportation)
•$5400 donated to the Village of Ridgewood via gifts of assets.
•Profit of $7900.00 As a 501c3 we don’t pay taxes
•Age Friendly is covering salary for Billy 5x on Wednesdays. Then the Village will pick up Wednesdays.
•Jim Griffiths suggested we need a point person assigned to fundraising.
•Columbia Bank donated $10,000.00 for computers at the community center through a grant.
Community Center Manager’s Report:
•Janet: tables coming tomorrow for the senior lounge. $8K worth of tables attained through a Community Development Block Grant from HUD. The tables are lighter, easier to move, have a flip top for easier storage and can be used in a variety of configurations.
•10 36” squares; 2 6’ rectangular on coasters
•Current tables from community center could be donated to Schedler House.
•COMPUTERS: (Minaska Mateo at Columbia Bank) money is coming this month. Ramon reported to Deanna that when they do, he and Deanna will meet with them at Columbia Bank.
•Summer classes at the Community Center after day camp ends include toning, Chinese brush making, crocheting.
•Joan Larken: short story group
•Capitol improvements: looking towards wrapping poles with carpeting.. thinking of of splitting cost with the foundation.
•Wall that divides room: put something on top or plexi or think about HOW to separate the spa- ces.
•COMPLETE: Art Beat. Tom Lillis reported it was held 6/11 and was a success. Used $200 in refershments. Shout out to Sophia Swanson for her help.
•In touch with Janine re: nature clean-up with CYC as well as more walks over the summer. Miles will be on the CYC (Community Youth Corp).
•Nicole Kye heading RAKE (Ridgewood Agricultural + Environmental Club - grow fruits and veg- etables for social service @ RHS community garden. Invite former CYC members home from col- lege over the summer.
•Trip 8/12 to The Great Swamp.

•Website up. Deanna is linking Age Friendly from our website. Fine tuning search features
•Liz Kloak returning to the board. She’ll serve as the liason to Parks + Rec (filling Lou Lembo’s spot).
•Run: About 4K runners, Tim Cronin came back to help out.
•(2) lectures of series Foundation paid for, 18-20 attended each.
•September: Shira Almondson, Children and Family Services of Fairlawn — program for wellness initiative, 6 weeks running from mid September through October with a free lunch. Shira may also be working on something for access program in the fall.
•Dillon needs to fix the website - shortcut button currently leads to 404 error.

Date for next meetings, all 4th Thursday at 5PM (*except November):
Don adjourned.
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Meeting of the Community Center Advisory Board & The Community Center Foundation convened 5 pm.


Don Liebriech, Gwenn Hauck, Sheila Brogan, Beth Abbott, Bill Carbonne, Helen Leonard, Catherine Greve, Tom Lillis, Deanna Schabblik, Janet Fricke, Jeff Voight.

absent: Nancy Friedman, Lisa Garvey, Phil Dolce

Age Friendly Ridgewood completed the multi-step process necessary to join the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities and is one of only 363 communities nationwide to be accepted.

Ashton Applewhite will give a presentation, "This Chair Rocks - A Manifesto Against Ageism" Think differently about growing older and how aging is a natural, lifelong, powerful process that unites us all. The show is almost sold out already. In an effort to encourage intergenerational activities in Ridgewood, age-friendly has partnered with an RHS teacher, Ms. Kunzle, to enlist students interested in gerontology to attend the event and also to begin volunteering at Ridgecrest.

Janet Fricke announced that the new senior bus is supposed to arrive on July 1, 2019!

All are extremely excited about replacing the 11 year old bus we have been struggling to keep on the road for the last few years. The Community Center Advisory Board Members suggested putting the Bus in the Fourth of July Parade with board members in and around it to show 1) Who the Community Center Members are and 2) What we do!

June 1, 10:30-12:30 is Opening Day for Seniors at Graydon Day. Rain date is June 2.

NJ Futures Project finished a proposal for Ridgewood last Spring.

New Jersey Future is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes sensible growth, redevelopment and infrastructure investments to foster vibrant cities and towns, protect natural lands and waterways, enhance transportation choices, provide access to safe, affordable and aging-friendly neighborhoods to fuel a strong economy. The organization does this through original research, innovative policy development, coalition-building, advocacy, and hands-on strategic assistance. Now, NJ Futures plans to work with Age-Friendly to work on its "community action plan."

May is Older Adults Month.

The County is holding their annual hearing on May 7th.

5:30-7, May 23rd our Civic Youth Corps group has organized three activities for the Spring:

The first Mayor-Council Meet & Greet for to encourage student's interest in local government. Youth leaders, Tom Lillis and Nicole Kye, estimate attendance to 75-100 people at Village Hall

The Community Center Film Festival on June 9, 2019.

Art Beat at Kasshau Shell on June 11, 2019.

The Community Center Foundation was awarded a $10,000.00 grant from Colombia Bank, thanks to Deanna, the recreation aide! The request was for digital art equipment to encourage intergenerational activity to encourage art therapy and technological understanding. The entire $10,000 would go toward purchasing 6 Dell 17" laptops for skyping, 6 large Waycom Tablets for digital art, and a sophisticated color printer to print the artwork. Discussion is in the works to partner with a local art studio to run the program and help attract younger participants.

Don Liebreich informed us that this June will mark four years since the Community Center Foundation was incorporated and he accepted the role of President. The By-Laws state that no officer can stay on for more than four years in a row, so he wants members to think about  succession and discuss nominations for new officers at the May 23rd meeting to be voted on at the June13th meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6pm.

submitted by Gwenn Hauck

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Plans for Acquisitions and Expenditures
Progress on HVAC Control
School Activities
Old Business – Community Center Website
New Business- Annual Meeting Plans for June
Adjournment Planned for 6:00 PM

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REAC-Green Team Joint Meeting Minutes 20190319


REAC: Bob Upton, George Wolfson, Christine Amundsen, Pam Perron, Michael Sedon (Village Council Liaison), Mary Mogerley (Parks & Recreation Rep), Jennie Smith Wilson (School Board Rep), Robert Kearney (Village Staff Rep).

Green Team: Justin Manger, Bob Upton, George Wolfson, Michael Sedon (Village Council Liaison).

Other: Leslie Lello, Anthea Zito, Tom Lillis (RAEC).

  1. Introductions/Membership update:

We again welcomed Tom Lillis of RAEC from RHS.

The Village Council will soon be addressing the applications for committee memberships. Serena, Anthea and Jamie have pending applications and Leslie plans to apply. Mike also reported receiving an application from Yvone Nava. He will ensure all pending applications are brought before the Council. Bob suggested we extend an invitation to Yvone to attend our meetings in the meantime.

  1. The minutes from the January and February meetings were approved.
  2. Sustainable Jersey
  3. Plans for Silver recertification.

All members present reviewed the SJ Actions for which they will be responsible and identified next steps. Justin will review these updates, which Actions are not covered and projected points they should generate vs. our recertification requirement. This process will be continued at subsequent meetings.

  1. Gold Star Standard in Waste
  2. Waste Reduction & Recycling Level Reporting: We have been invited to meet with the Recycling Dept on April 11th.
  3. Food Waste Pilot: We await Sustainable Jersey’s decision on the $20K SJ PSEG Municipal Grant application made jointly by Ridgewood, Glen Rock & Fair Lawn.
  4. Green Business Program

George & Pam have restaurant visits scheduled and will welcome support. We are awaiting Styrofoam Free Bergen materials for use with this program.

  1. SJ Bergen Hub
  2. “Styrofoam” Program: Science of Styrofoam event for children & parents is scheduled at The Stable on Sunday March 24th at 2.00 PM. Ridgewood collection drive is scheduled for Saturday May 18th, 10 AM – 2 PM, Graydon Parking Lot. Numerous other towns have similar events scheduled. Program paid for by a SJ Hub Grant.
  3. Next Hub meeting set for Ridgefield Park March 25th. Justin & Bob invited others to participate in the Hub meetings.
  4. Ridgewood Daffodil Festival & Earth Day Fair, Sunday April 14th - George & Bob continue to represent REAC at planning meetings. Parks Dept do not need our assistance with their exhibit so we just need volunteers for our own table. Numerous people said they are available. We will firm up assignments and what we will exhibit.
  5. Single Use Plastic Bag Ban – Mike reported that the Village attorney is drafting an ordinance which we understand will be along the lines we had proposed except that retailers may charge an optional rather than mandatory fee for single use paper bags. It was agreed to support such an ordinance rather than cause possible delay by pressing for a mandatory fee.
  6. League of Women Voters proposed resolution to discontinue the purchase of single-use PET water bottles using municipal funds – no news.
  7. Suggested uses for REAC funds.
  8. RHS/RAEC Grant Project Proposal

Tom had e-mailed a revised proposal and clarified a couple of items, in particular that the budget of $541.98 covers the greenhouse for BFMS ($354) and two Hydroponics carts, one each for RHS & BFMS ($187.98 total). The two staff members, Mr. Hoogerhyde at RHS and Mr. Wu at BFMS have confirmed the value of these items and their support of the clubs and projects at their schools.

It was therefore proposed by Bob and seconded by Rob that REAC allocate the requested funds for the project. Motion passed. Bob will address the paperwork.

Tom was advised to check that the project obtains all necessary Building Department permits from the Village’s Building Department.

  1. Middle school sustainability/environmental grant – no discussion.
  2. Tree nursery relocation – project on hold, we will reactivate this item when appropriate.
  3. Grants & Opportunities
  4. SJ PSEG Municipal Grant program. See above paragraph 3bii, Food Waste Pilot.
  5. ANJEC Open Space Stewardship Grants ($1,500, application deadline April 15th) – We are looking at a possible Eagle Scout project in conjunction with Parks & Rec.
  6. Mike reported the Recycling Dept was awarded a $3,000 grant from BCUA.
  7. Regenerative Environmentalism (Permaculture) Meet-Up Group - Unfortunately Leslie’s scheduled Feb 20th event had to be postponed due to snow. Next event will be Mar 20th: “ ‘No Stink’ Composting”. Further events are scheduled for April 24th and May 15th.
  8. Educational events
  9. “Schoolhouse Rock – Earth” interactive presentation for children grades 3 & up & parents at the library is scheduled for Monday April 22nd at 4 PM. Mike & Bob met with library who have offered to create a poster and promote the event.
  10. Water Bottle Filling Station Promotion - Pam and colleagues representing LWV and Bob were invited to address the RBSA Board on March 11th. They offered us a table at the RBSA season opening event April 27th. Bob & Pam will provide info to RBSA for their communications and develop info for the table.
  11. Rebranding/By-Laws: Justin had distributed proposed single By-Laws for the two committees but there was insufficient time for discussion.
  12. Master Plan/Visioning – Following from last month’s meeting with NV5 members were encouraged to participate in the on-line Visioning questionnaire at
  13. Schools. – Waiting for RHS teachers to reschedule our postponed meeting.
  14. GeesePeace – Ellie had advised Ridgewood Wildscape is planning a GeesePeace program in the Village in conjunction with Parks & Health Depts. We believe we will be able to claim any appropriate SJ points as a result of this activity taking place in the Village.
  15. Plaque for Andy Antista Tree: Expecting progress soon.
  16. Future start/finish times for our meetings. No time to discuss.
  17. New business – We are invited to address Midland Park Borough Council work session about REAC & Green Team activities and hopefully they will initiate similar programs.
  18. Next Joint Meeting: Tuesday April 16th, 7.45 PM.
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