20180208 - CBDAC Meeting Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2018

Attendees: Councilman Ramon Hache, Kathryn Schmidt, Gary Kolesaire, Michael Velicu, Philip Davis, Amy Borque, Michael Pickholz, Jane Shinozuka, Chief Luthcke


Absent: Chris Rutishauser, Bill Gilsenan, , Gail McCarthy, Lorraine Reynolds


Ridgewood Shade Trees Commission: Members of the Village Shade Tree Commission including Andre Lowry, Chair, and Councilman Michael Sedon, Village Liaison, as well as members of the Village Parks and Recreation Department, Daniel Cramblitt and Ian Keller took part in the public comment section of the meeting to introduce themselves to the CBDAC and identify ways to coordinate work.


Mr. Lowry gave a brief overview of the history and purpose of the commission and outlined some of the reasons that CBD trees were not thriving including: lack of water, often impeded by the design of the tree wells; compacted soil; need for more general maintenance; and --- Christmas tree lights! He indicated that work was being done to reconfigure the tree wells (there are 219 of them) such as the recent renovation outside The Tobacco Shop. The CBDAC engaged in conversation regarding how we could better coordinate including concerns about trees covering business signage.


CBDAC Business Forum Debrief: Feedback from participants was that the forum held on January 17 was well received by over 30 attendees. Topics included signage restrictions, the estate card, cumbersome ordinances, zoning, the intricacies of getting things done with the village, and parking. A second forum will be scheduled in the next few months, most likely at a different start time to accommodate different merchant schedules.

Parking Garage Update: Four bids were submitted ranging from $9.5m to $14.5m. All four firms will be presenting at the Village Council meeting on February 21 at 7:00 pm. The Village is in a position to negotiate directly with the vendors given its declaration of the Hudson Street space as a redevelopment zone.

There will be a presentation on the updated Walker Report, which discusses the garage financing, at the February 28th VC meeting.

Garry Kolesaire recommended that the employee parking maximum time limit be extended to 9 instead of 8 hours to accommodate employees who work 8 hour shifts.

Web-site Update: Garry Kolosaire is getting information from retailers for the web site. Michael Velicu shared the new look and feel of the site.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathryn Schmidt

February 23, 2018

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