20171214 - CBDAC Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee

December 14, 2017 Minutes


Attendees: Councilman Ramon Hache, Philip Davis, Gary Kolesaire, Bill Gilsenan, Michael Velicu, Kathryn Schmidt, Michael Pickholz, Gail McCarthy, Officers Bill Amoruso and Glen Enders for Chief Luthke,

Absent: Amy Borque, Jane Shinozuka, Lorraine Reynolds, Chief Luthke, Chris Rutishauser

Snowflake Lights:  The group agreed that the introduction of the LED snowflake lighting was a beautiful addition to the downtown holiday aesthetic but recommended some changes to implementation.  Snowflakes were not placed as envisioned. Ramon will request that changes are made, particularly to repositioning lighting at the corner of Ridgewood and Maple avenues to heighten the intended impact.

For next year, we probably need to purchase more to achieve the full effect and we might want to consider some red and green trim addition so that there is more impact during the day when the lights are not on.


CBD Role Moving Forward:  Councilman Hache indicated that, while the CBDAC intends to continue to partner with the Chamber and the Guild, it will also take a more active role as the “voice that gets things done in the downtown.”  This will include hosting proposed Business Forums and potentially taking a more active role in events.   It was suggested that the CBDAC could also begin to act, not only as an advocate, but also perhaps as an “ombudsman” to help fast forward Village responses to downtown issues. 

At the same time it was acknowledged that the CBDAC needs to get a few accomplishments done, such as the web-site, in order to build credibility.


Business Forums: The CBDAC will be sponsoring Business Forums to connect directly with businesses in the Village. The first one will be scheduled for the week of January 15.

Parking Update: The RFP has been sent out for the Hudson Street Garage and bids are coming back in.

There has not been as much promotion as we would have hoped for the Central Valet Parking. Gail will be putting reminders on the CBDAC web-site.

Village Wi-Fi:  The village is looking into the feasibility of select sites, for example, Graydon and Van Neste.  There are some challenges including usage control.

Web-site:  John will attend our next meeting to review the web-site to date. The village will incorporate burbio.com into its communication to provide a comprehensive Village calendar.

CBD Aesthetic: The tree well was repaired in front of The Tobacco Shop including conduits for watering.

Performing Arts Center:  The Village is reaching out to Verizon to see if they will sell their building to the Village.  This may potentially become a performing arts center.

Active Business Selection: It was suggested that the Village take an active role in identifying and inviting businesses they wanted into our downtown rather than our current more passive approach. The model presented was Bethesda, Md.

Respectfully, submitted,

Kathryn Schmidt

January 8, 2018

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