October 6, 2016 - CBDAC Meeting Minutes

Central Business District Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2016

Attendees: Ramon Hache, Michael Velicu, Gary Kolesaire, Chris Rutishauser, Bill Gilsenan, MJ Shinozuka, Amy Borque, Lorraine Reynolds, Kathryn Schmidt, Philip Davis.

Absent: Gail McCarthy, Chief Luthcke. 

Meeting was called to order by committee chair, Councilman Ramon Hache.

Public Comment: No public comment.

Committee members introduced themselves and shared relevant background information.

Bi-laws were reviewed and it was suggested that reference to “ the historic and aesthetic elements” be stricken given the potential overlap with the Historical Preservation Committee.   After discussion it was agreed to continue with the meeting and then revisit the bi-laws after the committee had a firmer grasp on which elements it would focus on.

There is still an open seat on the committee to be filled by a member of the Ridgewood Guild. Members were asked to reach out to Guild members who might be interested and encourage them to submit an application.

Parking was discussed including the following elements, suggestions, and ideas:


The “Cool” Factor: There was significant discussion regarding the need to reinvigorate the CBD as a cool place to be for residents and out-of-town visitors:


Central Valet Parking is being considered by the Council to alleviate some of the concerns of the current valet parking process

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 7:30pm.

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Kathryn Schmidt

October 7, 2016